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thc extraction with acetone

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by islander08, Nov 11, 2009.


    islander08 Member

    a few days ago i made an extraction of thc from my male plants' leaves with acetone. has anyone else done this before that could give me something to compare my product to?

    i've been lookin on the internet for what the product will come out to look like, but haven't been able to find anything.

    after letting the acetone, saturated with thc, evaporate for 3 hours (there was no more smell of acetone), it looked like a dark green liquid with about the same viscosity as water.

    at this point, i took a pipette and dropped some of the liquid on some things and smoked it with a few other people. it seemed to work cus we were feeling pretty good, and hopefully the acetone was gone cus we didn't die or go blind lol.

    but after about 4 days of sitting in a cabinet, all the liquid that was in there has evaporated. now, all that is left is a dark green film that is kind of hard to get off the bottom of the bowl.

    what do you think? bongsmilie

    wizard82 Active Member

    Acetone desolves other things with the thc so it would look green, but the research I did says your all good man.

    islander08 Member

    ok sweet. thanks man.

    if anyone still has anything to say, that would be good.

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