TH Seeds Heavy Duty Fruity

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    TH Seeds Heavy Duty Fruity
    Germinated 5 beans 4 popped 2 males 2 females

    Seeds from Attitude Germinated 11/15/10 12 hours 1/15/11 harvested 3/14/11
    Soil: Made a big mistake here cheap hardware store organic potting that did not drain well not good in a cold grow room

    Nutes: cow manure, bone/blood meal Peters bloom.

    Growth: Both Females grew great fast vigorous growth in 18 hour. However 3 weeks into 12 hour 1 started to show stress and slowly died was able to harvest but the product was worthless.

    Smell: The 1 that was healthy smelled very sweet with a grapey scent Guess that’s why they called it fruity.

    Taste: Same thing sweet grapey/fruity taste.

    Bag Appeal. Bright green dense hard nugs that seem to last forever in a bowl.

    Effect: Smooth heady Indica type high really seemed to effect the eyes with a heavy lid red eye effect, though do not last long.

    My take is this 1 is a real keeper the smell and taste along with the effect are pleasing in every way. Now that I am using Sunshine Mix #4 along with Dutch gold nutes and controlling the PH. My AK47 and HDF clones are rocking, the root’s are like crazy along with very impressive growth.

    Just a side note the HDF makes a perfect complement to the AK47. With the sweet/fruity HDF vs the pungent/earthy AK47

    Next Up this summer G13’s Pineapple express.

    lou~dog Well-Known Member

    Nice! im 9 plants in to heavy duty fruity and lovin it. 7 females and 2 males; even the discoloring in the bottom leaves show a bit of purple\red color. This is also a very stinky stinky strain and im only in to the 2nd month of veg. Needless to say its already a very promising strain to work with. And trust me Pineapple Express from G13 is the shit; I kept 1 females as a mother and the bud came out delectable. Possibly the most flavorful bud I have ever grown (thus far). Sweet sweet pineapple... keep it 100% organic though and she'll treat you well
    Dizzle Frost

    Dizzle Frost Well-Known Member

    thanks for the report

    hippiepudz024 Well-Known Member

    i have a buddy that grew out pineapple express freedbie from g13 labs and it was pretty dank but not like some super killer shit, i have my freebie pineapple express in week one of flower right now mine has longer internodes tho than my friends did hopefully i get that bomb pheno that u got:)) i think im gonna order that heavy duty fruity right now actually just cuz i want to try it and im lookin for a good producing male to make genetics with
    Anita Bhonghitt

    Anita Bhonghitt Active Member

    Sounds tasty! How was the yield???

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