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>>>TGA & SUBCOOL TiMeWReCk GrOW<<< 600 WATT HPS & MH SOIL Indoor

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by jaybeeee, Feb 1, 2013.


    jaybeeee Member

    Hey guys, jaybeeee here, just like everyone else i know and we have all probably been there except lucky people.. all i want is some fucking fine herb, to knock me out after a hard days work, i dont drink i just smoke this plant, i work out with it i wake up with it , its me.. its just a plant, and im sick of getting ripped when the good dealer is out i get shit like 0.6 fucking grams for 25 bux, absolutely ridiculous ! completely for my own medical use, as i can barley look to the right without pain stabbing me in the neck, it is very hard to hide my grow i guess i live in my own place with no doors , and i always have people over , but it is constantly a blaze in that house ;)

    First Post, Ive done about a years reading.. Ive always been shy on forums unless i have something decent to show.. HOPEFULLY all goes well and i can back my shit up and show you guys some amazing bud porn haha :')

    Has anyone here actually tried Time Wreck

    Ordered from attitude, got the guaranteed shipping for extra ten bux and used promo code 420 , basically covered shipping, bout 11 days later it got here..

    got a regular ten pack of time wreck from tga and sub cool and the kind fellas chucked in 2 freebies to, a mango and some random thing , supposed to be feminised we will see.

    • 27th, decided to pop 6 out of 12, four of the beans time wreck and the other 2 freebies, put them in a moist paper toil, wrapped the container in a town and left it under the 600 watta for some extra warth
    • 28th, woke up about 11am and all six popped, the TGA time wreck seeds had an inch long tap root each and the freebies probably just a couple mm, anyways TGA, awesome seeds, they look gorgeous and strong from just looking at the seed. unlike all the not fully mature shit i get in shitty weed around these parts, planted them straight up

    • 29th, all four of the time wrecks have sprouted about an inch and the freebies not so well, i can just see one i think... -_- , sorry for lack of pics just seed germination all looks the fucking same really, i told you the only thing different. Had my "grow partner" over that night and had a toke, and talked about future plans, he conned me into popping the other six, so they are inside germing away hard and fast
    • 30th, First water for all the plants, 6 other seeds popped , they were all planted this morning
    • 31st, 6 other tga time wrecks all sprouted looking great already

    Yay the 1st, all 12 sprouted , 1 runt coming good though, was just a little yellow, time to move them in under the 600 watt , would have earlier and probably would have stopped a little strechting but i had to get my ventillation sorted out the light was heating up the house to much in the day, , theres a pic of my grow tent.. decided i couldnt be fucked with ducting and propping my computer open for a poxy pc fan, just supported a pretty damn powerful steal fan at the top left corner with its own extension cord and a think piece of pvc.

    fan laying on top of the tent to blow cool and fresh air in, other one goes straight outside

    heres a pic after starting up my grow light and just a progress shot on the plants IMG_0809.jpg IMG_0813.jpg View attachment 2505819 the tgas hotos are shit, but anyways standing back up now with the other two looking great , anyways im off for a toke and bed , im trying guys so a little moral support will help :P anyways 12 out of 12 popped should be a good grow!

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