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TGA SUBCOOL realeasing prob the greatest strain in the world on attitude! PLUSHBERRY

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by phenix white, Jan 17, 2011.

    phenix white

    phenix white Active Member

    Want to attack me for spelling and grammer?!? If you even fucking knew me or knew that sometimes artists or other non norm people may want to have there own stamp and there own spelling..PHENIX What is even stupider than your failed attempt at cALLING ME OUT ON MIS SPELLING AND MUCH MORE WITH THE ATTITUDE I TAKE EXTREME PRIDE IN TELLING YA TO fuck off! phenix white IS MY ARTIST name. NOW get off the gas jack! And go play grower in your parents basement!
    phenix white

    phenix white Active Member

    lol thanxx!

    FriendlyTokez Active Member

    i cant even put into words how much i love TGA. whoever in charge of crossing strains there is genius, such creative crosses that are all strong hitters. no weak strains at TGA. more like brain-melting ones...Qrazy Train, The Third Dimension, Pandora's Box, Space Bomb, Space Queen, Plushberry...those are my favorites out of TGA.
    at the same time there strains are so strong it can be a little overwhelming to only smoke TGA strains. most of them are cerebral. the body highs from them make you feel oozy.[​IMG]

    Paperhouse Active Member

    Does Subcool have any feminized seeds or strictly reggie only?

    doowmd Well-Known Member

    strictly reg.
    Omgwtfbbq Indicaman

    Omgwtfbbq Indicaman Well-Known Member

    regular seeds, ive decided to makes seeds from the few males i got and just make my own free seeds. 1 male plant can get you thousands of seeds off of just 1 plant.

    i crossed the Mango-lemon pheno i had of my Vortex with my Jillybean and im awaiting the seeds to be ready in about 5 weeks.
    Stu Toned

    Stu Toned Well-Known Member

    I have club that sells TGA Subcool gear,and they're telling me that Plushberry is unstable..
    Is there any truth to that??? but yet they are sold out of plushberry every trip in there...

    yesum Well-Known Member

    So how is the buzz off this? I am looking for laid back indica bliss.

    sniffer Well-Known Member

    no buzz for me , , only hermies and weak plants

    skunkd0c Well-Known Member

    first time im growing some tga seeds (the flav) growing them alongside angel heart from mr nice,

    im not sure what others expect to get from a pack of 10 seeds but if i get 1or2 good plants i can run next time as a clone i consider that a win, as often i go through strains and find nothing better than i already have so i just move on to another strain

    i only had room to crack 5 of the tga seeds as i had already dedicated most of the space to the angel heart and some Jamaican grape, out of 5 flav seeds 4 popped up and were more vigorous through veg than the angel heart

    out of the 4 plants 2 were male, i have 2 females growing now, 1 of them looks low yielding and is crap, the other one is very big, and has some beautiful looking buds developing on a large sativa type structure, (spacequeen pheno) buy the looks of it with plenty of resin and a very strong lemonade / lemon sherbet smell, i cant wait to smoke this and run her next time as a clone topped into a nice bush :)

    MixedMelodyMindBender Active Member

    I have much respect for tga genetics. I dont particularly agree with them being in business, i think there hearts are more geared towards compassion, and in my opinion....trading or selling something for money is nothing under compassionate.. A Church is a compassionate center-organization( donations are never forced and only asked for)...they never charge and they impact lives as well ( no im not a believer in god) even if it cost you to make the seeds...If your a compassionate caregiver then breed on donations ( and if your shit is good like subs is Im sure ppl will donate much money, maybe more than selling...who knows)

    Compassionate caregivers is a very bad choice of words for labeling if your making $$$ in the medical marijuana sector ....NOWWWW. Thats said, this is directed at every breeder that sells seeds under medical marijuana provisions. Just cause the laws say u can, doesn't mean you should! As much as the laws try to dictate morals, they are often in violation of morals themselves....just like prohibition....banning nature is flat out wrong and immoral to a planet that supports our very existence. Non-Profit regulation still does not include the banning of retailing seeds. Breeders claim it cost money....well thats where the compassion part comes in. Ive said this to many breeders and infamous people within this industry like danny danko, and all have agreed. I credit shantibaba for enlightening me about the issues of selling seeds under medical marijuana provision. So, "non-profit" quotations used lightly because when it comes to the seed industry...no one is willing to strictly give seeds away that cost $ to produce......I agree with shantibaba in that all out legalization is the only righteous way....and the only way to honor every persons individual civil rights...not just medical users....and if and when that happens....seeds will be produced and seeds will be sold, Im sure, but at least its not under a fallace manner.

    As far as the TGA genetics go....I love them! I have grown many different strains and have had a lot of phenos from sub...Personally I didnt care for plushberry , id rather have querkle or any querkle cross. Better meds and better taste IMO. I love love love vortex, amazing medicine and a amazing find by team tga. Ive grown dairy queen, chernobyl, ace of spades, jtr, jc, jillybean, qrazy train ( best extract ive had medicinally) ....all in all, tga is pure fire, with great medicinal properties...with great flavors to boot :)

    Have I had hermies? Yes. However, if you look at that as bunk genetics and never give a strain a chance, you are making a very poor choice. Its a part of the species number 1. Number 2, stess induction is something that inclines this NATURAL tendency. 3. Most times its actually induced by the grower and not the genetics....ie....bad environment....running them to long...packing them to tight....over watering-feeding, many things can cause hermies...and most of the time its because of inexpierenced hands :)

    Lastly, when your genetics test above 20% THC the testing facilities you actually put yourself in a very small bracket called the .5%. Cause literally everything that has been tested thus far 99.5% of the time its under 20% THC.....So if your not getting a buzz...I recommend you put the crack pipe down and see if that helps...20% THC is LITERALLY enough to get an elephant high....so unless your bigger than a big ol elephant ( sad story for a stoner) your either smoking crack, or have become brain dead and in that case, your not likely to get any head high sometime soon!

    PS--Take a wild guess what the average % is for TGA....no one single company has tested higher yet, collectively speaking....says something....a lot to me! And they have yet to test every strain! They aint scared....and Im sure they handle the heat just lovely :peace:

    PSS--For the love of god ppl...this is a fucking cannabis site...not a fucking grammer site...if you pm me talking shit about my grammer or my inability to correct my spelling im gonna smoke even more in hopes that it fucks up my "abilities" to the point you go fucking mad. If your a grammer pro go to a grammer site...not a medical marijuana cultivation site!


    Cheers--Stay Green

    skunkd0c Well-Known Member

    mindbender i agree with most of that i like the funny rant at the end too about the spelling grammar nazi brick top lol :)

    frmrboi Well-Known Member

    ummm BT been banned from here for a couple of months

    theinhibitor Well-Known Member

    Your post makes no sense. TGA Subcool have some good strains, but THC content does not make a good breeder.
    And from what Ive seen, TGA seeds have many different pheno's which means they haven't taken the time (years) to stabilize it properly. So no, I dont have that much respect for them regardless of their THC content.

    I would say greenhouse is one of the better ones since they chemically test all of their weed and put down the right percentages, unlike other breeders that definitely lie *cough* subcool *cough*. 20% THC is very very high for some of their supposedly more indica strains and im not an idiot like you to believe it. Most businesses, especially in the marijuana industry, fudge facts because nothing is regulated in this industry.

    As for THC content, if you just want the percentage, start growing some pure heirloom sativas then and go heavy on the nutes during flowering.

    doowmd Well-Known Member

    news to me, what for?

    frmrboi Well-Known Member

    for being too fat & ugly ......

    stonedmetalhead1 Well-Known Member

    This is a joke right? Greenhouse is the biggest joke of a seed company out there. Besides not breeding most of their strains which were bred by Shanti and Neville, their current strains on average don't even compare to most other seed companies.

    Some TGA lab results.


    Querkle at 25% THC.

    JTR at 25% thc

    Chernobyl at 22%

    Dairy Queen at 24%

    MixedMelodyMindBender Active Member

    Yet this guy believes I make no sense, I grow gurly hermie strains and then recommends bs sativas and a seed company that 99% of the world considers con artist and wanna-be's. Awesome...I may make no sense to you inhibitor, but if your putting greenhouse seeds ahead of sub, on any level...YOU my inhibiting friend have some issues of your own...sooooo

    Fuck Greenhouse seed company :) Its a shad irrational to call me loco when you pump the biggest flop of a seed company known to mankind.....This jokes on you inhibitor :)


    skunkd0c Well-Known Member

    what makes a good breeder is down to personal preference on the types of strains you like
    you say you like greenhouse that is fine, i have never grown anything from greenhouse seeds so i cant comment personally .. although i know others would find that laughable so its all down to what you prefer

    i am growing angel heart at the moment from mr nice .. breed by shanti this is a cross of mango haze x afghan skunk
    these plants are far from stable and show good phenotype diversity .. some people have encountered hemi plants with angel heart
    although i don't see anyone crying about it on the mr nice forum
    i guess when you grow exotic sativa dominated strains that can be prone to hemi traits its something you have to learn to live with once in a while

    many breeders do not offer any strains that take my fancy .. i don't have any loyalty to any breeder over another if it sounds nice and the seeds are a fair price i am happy to try most breeders .. although i did make a short list that im working through at the moment :)

    TheDarkDefender Member

    vortex is actually 15.5%

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