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tga genetics in super soil

Discussion in 'Subcool's Old School Organics' started by BradleyJ443, Mar 20, 2012.


    BradleyJ443 Active Member

    i have searched seebay, riu and google, and i cant find the information i want that sub says is widely available, im sorry to say but its just NOT.

    i just spent alot of money on these tga ten packs and i dont want to grow them wrong, my questions simple

    how much percent super soil to RO is best with these strains

    agent orange
    jilly bean

    and although not tga, if anyone knows how much super skunk likes that would be helpful

    imo subs the greatest , but his info is not well organized in one place... sub will you please write a damn book, i read you said somewhere you had a book called the laws of cannabis, you sir are wrong, you do not have a book for sale that i can find other than dank

    BradleyJ443 Active Member

    i guess subs takin it easy on my wallet and his books free over at thc talk. none the less i even read mzjills jilly bean gro and no mention of percents.. please chime in folks id rather learn from your mistakes than mine

    Budologist420 Well-Known Member

    If u watch the weed nerd he talks about how much super soil to use

    With all those strains u mentioned I would use half the container SS and half RO
    AK 47eventh Heaven

    AK 47eventh Heaven Well-Known Member

    Seriously dude? 30-50% is what he has recommended all over the net.

    vilify Well-Known Member

    not gonna make it very far growing if someone has to hold your hand through all of it.

    sub has often said how much ss to use, and if you couldnt find it, FUCKING TRY IT OUT, and figure shit out. its the only real way to learn.

    ColdArmySoldier Well-Known Member

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    Danksalot Member

    you need to really READ IT, not skim.... cause i just found your answer in like 10 pages on a google search "subcool super soil"

    lets see if you can actually read something and find out. http://www.cannabisculture.com/v2/node/19711

    Rrog Well-Known Member

    The stickie and the videos on his youtube channel. That's what I followed. Also growing Plush Berry. Best grow ever.

    BradleyJ443 Active Member

    Yes I read through that multiple times, obviously you haven't checked it out yet yourself or maybe you just misunderstood my question:

    I am asking about three specific strains... they are all TGA strains and since we are on subcools organic section of the forum, I thought it was fair to assume this wouldn't be too difficult a question. The only reason I didnt just PM budologist and ask him, since I know he has experience with them, is because he doesnt follow the recipe %100.... which im sure works great but since ive already mixed my soil and i didnt use his formula i thought I would ask the group.

    really, thats what you found?

    yes I read 30%-50% SS...... numerous times he writes this.......... and he writes that the sativas use alot more than the indicas... i even remember someone said "I use 100% SS with success" and sub commnted and said something like "yeah but im trying to give the basic directions, but i know this can work"

    Vilify thanks for chiming in with the useful advice.

    thx budologist as always and cold army

    BradleyJ443 Active Member

    i have a massive batch of this shit cooking and these plants are going in 50-100 gallon pots, that's why I am trying to be very specific... and do it just right.

    Rrog Well-Known Member

    I don't think you'll find that you need to tailor your soil so specifically to a strain like that. Use larger pails for headroom. I use 7 gal. I also let the SS rest for 8 weeks if I can. More time for microbial activity to lock away hot nutes. As Sub points out in one of his vids, if you grow huge plants or veg for a couple months you're going to have to supplement. I start adding compost and worm castings to the top and water in to replenish. I'm also re-using the soil immediately after harvest while the microbes are still at optimal output. I'm chopping the plant, cutting a hole in the soil and planting the new one. Same day. But I guess that's another story

    BradleyJ443 Active Member

    i wish i had more time to cook it, but these are going in light dep house and they are on a schedule.

    Rrog Well-Known Member

    You're start the plants in straight base soil, right? After 2-3 weeks transplant into SuperSoil pails. The SS is all at the bottom of the pail, so that buys you another week before the roots hit the hottest soil.

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