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TGA Cheese Quake by: Hovering

Discussion in 'Subcool's Old School Organics' started by hovering, May 30, 2012.


    seattlegrownewb Member

    my 1st run with cq and my phenos sound like yours..i wanted the smaller querkle dom pheno cuz it tastes like grape danish. oh well just hopin i dig these phenos....urs is the 1st positive revi3w...u tried dairy queeen? i love dq and chernobyl ive also grown the flav and qrazy train..all were great

    Evo8Emperor Well-Known Member

    I bought some CQ beans about 8 months now and I'm still running her. I didn't get that sought after querkle pheno but I grew out 6 beans and all 6 turned out to be female for me. I had mainly a tall rather stretchy sativa mix pheno. It still finished pretty fast like 8-10 weeks but she put out some great weight and it was some great smoke. I can't comment on the taste to much either because it just wasn't a strong tasting pheno or me not having the perfect dry and cure.

    No matter what I was super happy with it and Ill be growing it till I get a better pheno. Pretty much all I grow right now I was so happy with it.

    seattlegrownewb Member

    1/3 go light....i didnt get the querkle pheno..just cheese and spacequeens big ass. prolly gonna not run again cuz i got dq and chernobyl chernobyl

    seattlegrownewb Member

    i feel the same way
    aussie antics

    aussie antics Member

    image.jpg 02399B3D-C385-4CF3-9035-D9F4EFE27F64.jpeg

    G’day Hovering.
    Classic grow log mate. Love the attention to detail. I’ve cracked 4 CQ’s and after reading your impeccable log might try and find a keeper. Wondering (I know it’s super early) if you could recall if your more cheesey or more grapes one carried slightly darker leaves? (Left in first pic, bottom in second). Also today seeing one of the others that’s a little taller, see if that’s pheno or balls.

    Love the TGA gear. Also have some galactic jack from last year and jillybean from the previous few.
    Will set up a journal for this years cheese board.

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