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Discussion in 'Subcool's Old School Organics' started by subcool, Jun 13, 2010.

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    Transplanting some Conspiracy Kush and Garlic Bud 98. The SS I mixed up this summer is being used for the first time today.
    transplanting (3).JPG transplanting (1).JPG transplanting (4).JPG transplanting (2).JPG transplanting (5).JPG
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    Dr Who... She has great structure, and is a winner in all departments! A pleasure to grow, vape, smoke, even decent to trim. Here she is from below the canopy(indoors). IMAG0853.jpg I don't have a recent "finished" photo but I do believe I posted one a few months ago. Happy growing everyone! Thanks again for everything Sub, good to see you around here lately!
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    Plushberry will make its return to our menu soon you either love this strain or you don't it was reproduced for all those growers that e-mailed me 1000 times when the last original pack sold out.


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    Mason Jar 92705

    Mason Jar 92705 Well-Known Member

    PlushBerry smoke test...

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    wonder who did the breeding on the plushberry...............
    Mason Jar 92705

    Mason Jar 92705 Well-Known Member

    MzJill. I suppose the demand is worth dealing with the mom, black cherry soda, which needs 20 hrs of light in veg & is finicky. If you never grew it before, now's your chance. My pb clone will be kept forever, it's that good.
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