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Discussion in 'Subcool's Old School Organics' started by subcool, Jun 13, 2010.

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    What's in your tin this morning? Vortex #6 with some gravity keif. bongsmilie

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    sonic screwdriver__2-25.jpg Qantiumkush_2-15.jpg
    sonic Screwdriver first pic
    Qantium Kush second pic.
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    AJAXATAX Member

    Hey Sub! Don't know if this is the right place to ask, but I'm a forum newbie...

    First off, think you're awesome and love everything you and MzJill do!!! You are a great boss, and I totally get Herb Man, he reminds me so much of my friend Andy I first grew with. :-) I have epilepsy and just got my medical card in Michigan. This is my first grow in a decade or so, since moving from CO...

    Anyway, I have inherited some really awesome Jilly Bean genetics (that's actually how I found your show and awesomeness), nice clones, and for sure have at least 4 phenos represented in my ten plants.

    My question is, one of the phenos is really weird....Is it even worth keeping its genetics around to full bloom? I'm half a mind to cull them now to make more space, but maybe it has some special back-crossed traits I would want to preserve?

    The pheno in question is all stalky STEMS, not very bushy bud or leaf prevalence but the leaves it does have are way bushy and a different darker but also more yellow green color, fat indica leaves with big notches, some leaves have a definite defect with only three leaflets per petiole, med height for the jilly's I have, leaves come right off the main stem, very little branching (with brachiators being very flimsy single long offshoots). It smells very sweet, but has almost no resin glands! The other ladies are loaded with trichome development all over, even their stems and fans! (so excited!) Five weeks into flower here and the buds on these weird ones are still mostly only stigmas, and they are not bright white like the other phenos were in early flower, but instead more yellow. All the others have already starting to turn orange but these ladies seem weeks behind....if they will go full out single stalk, long to ripe, but dank enough to be worth it I will let them keep going.

    I am planning on re-vegging and tissue culture cloning one plant which is just a monster resin and bud producer, and maybe choose one more to keep for posterity....So I would really appreciate some input on whether this pheno is any good. Do you know of a resource where people have documented the pheons for your beans? Your fans seem pretty dedicated, so maybe you could point me towards the resources if they already exist.

    Also...what's up with the JB needing so many micro-nutes? I had to get them going right away and didn't have time to do a soil cook, instead a mostly soilless mix, and man, they like those micros....or are super sensitive to the PH, which I have been keeping around 6.3-6.5? Definitely doing super soil next time, its very much like the super nutrient mix my dad always used in his landscaping business when transplanting or resuscitating hardwood trees!

    PS-Love this newest episode of WEED NERDS cause I get the see the Jillys in action!!! Thanks so much!!!

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    hey bro sub is no longer on this site but if you go to his web site you can get into contact with him there, I would run that shit u never know u might get something awesome I ran the jilly and got a massive lemon dank producer it was epic I wish I would have cloned or reveged her but jilly is a sweet plant IMG_1733.JPG

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    Here are my good looking JB ladies for comparison...about six weeks now for these pics....also sorry for weird banding. I will turn off my LED for next batch of pics!

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    undercoverfbi Active Member

    Nice looking mature plants. Looks like you'll still be ripping jack on St pattys day
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    GroErr Well-Known Member

    lol, didn't think of the timing. This is a 52-54 day pheno under CMH, not long to go now.
    BTW: That's the top half of one 38" plant in a 5gal fabric pot :weed:
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    I had two very distinct Jilly Bean phenos. One was very Kush and the other was very Sativa.

    On the smell side they were very citrus in nature except for the mint one. It smells like vapo-rub!
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    GroErr Well-Known Member

    Bud close up from that JTR above @day 47, almost ready bongsmilie
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