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Discussion in 'Subcool's Old School Organics' started by subcool, Jun 13, 2010.

    This Hidden Creature

    This Hidden Creature Well-Known Member

    It's amazing... Even big leaves are full of trichomes.

    nice nice!
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    Shawns420 Member

    Maybe let it cook a bit longer but you should be alright, the oyster shell flour is just a calcium and PH adjuster so you can't really over do it and kelp meal is very low in Nutrients and slow release so I think you'll be just fine it could have been worse :)

    halo2killer Well-Known Member

    Out of all i have done before. The Who has the most trics on big fans i have ever seen. Still may look for a better producing phenoin the future.
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    RReez New Member

    Ok cool....I'll let it cook for an extra 2 weeks. Dont know how much longer I can wait tho. lol..Thanks for the reassurance.
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    truepunk87 Well-Known Member

    Ripped Bubba IMG_20141211_081655.jpg
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    209 Cali closet grower

    209 Cali closet grower Well-Known Member

    Got a jellybean clone in veg. Anyone know flowing time. Fast grower for sure
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    bowsa Active Member

    i harvessted on day 56 of 12\12 every one who had it loved it to oh i veged 30. days last year thought i picked littel early. Put clones out doors harvested 2 week in october had two phenos first pheno finshed 3 week in september yuck tasted like burnt rubber not the keeper gave it one more chance in door cause it was a fast finisher and the buds were super hard no taste smelled great.but the keeper. jilly one the keeper iam running now rocks looks like the one sub cool just ran on instagram this is the third run with here smells so fresh and so clean tastes like orange and creammey mmmmm letting here go 64 days in flower the leaves turn real dark magenta red. SubCool said he got 3# off 1000 watt light hardly that good for me great strain i am revegin the plant cause lost clones to coold also found keeper in apack of cheynoble lime funk tases like og kush a littel

    halo2killer Well-Known Member

    That RB looks amazing. What does it smell/taste like? How does it produce?
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    hyroot Well-Known Member

    is this like young grasshopper if you can snatch this bud from my hand.....:P

    Good job though, Very dank..
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    jm30 Well-Known Member

    First few pics are Pennywise which tested 23 percent THC. Last couple are Cheesequake which tested over 22 percent THC and some CBD. Just figuring how to post from my phone.

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    halo2killer Well-Known Member

    Was your cheesequake a select pheno or random? I grew 2 diff phenos and both were ok but not as dank as yours looks. I think if i did a full 10 pack. Maybe i would of gotten a better pheno. Mine were very cheezy. Just not what i was looking for. I like the lemons and fruit. I can say I am no fan of any cheese anymore.
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    T Ray

    T Ray Well-Known Member

    Jesus OG




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    Thecouchlock Well-Known Member

    Nothing wrong with Pennywise being strong, but it doesn't have the CBD that was suggested when I purchased the seeds.
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    Shawns420 Member

    I can show you test results ( not mine ) 9% THC - 12% CBD Pennywise out of a 5-10 pack not sure

    jm30 Well-Known Member

    Started a 5 pk. About 4 yrs ago. Flowered 3 ladies. 1 was more on the cheese side 1 was purple menthol grape funk and another a combination of the 2. The one I kept is a good yielding plant with rock hard nugs roots fast a staple in my garden.

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