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  1. lovely colors and frostiness.
    she looks gorgeous
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    wcharles Active Member

    mine are on there way, just heard from herbies.
    Bad Karma

    Bad Karma Well-Known Member

    Thank you, gentlemen. She loves the attention and accolades.

    SirSteely Active Member

    Jack Skellington #2. She smells like a mango at week 4 , 100% organic. image.jpg
    Know One

    Know One Well-Known Member

    Jesus OG on day 34 of flower. Keep in mind that she was partially flowered and re-generated to create babies. She was also originally topped at the second node.
    She went back into flower at about 3'. Now at over 5-1/2' in a 4" X 4" RW cube on top of another 4" thick slab I made for 1 plant.
    So far, No stakes.
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    Machupichu Active Member

    TGA Multi Strain Grow.. all at day 36 of flower

    IMG_1493.JPG Vortex
    Ace of Spades no 4... I see some purpling going on.. I think I went too far on the N, she did huge leaves with huge leaf stems...


    Agent Orange WTF pheno.. I only have 1 big stem with this formation out of the 3 AO plants Im running. A friend of mine is two weeks ahead on this same AGENT ORANGE and has some hermies and males going on on this weird stem flowering so I think this might be the last pic of her unless subcool wants to come all the way down here to check it out lol

    ripped bubba

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    DonPetro Well-Known Member

    Thats still the craziest mutation i've ever seen. I say be vigilant and pluck those bananas of as they show if she does hermie. We wanna see that girl finish!
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    Mohican Well-Known Member

    Who wouldn't want a plant that has flowers everywhere! What does she smell like?

    The Ripped Bubba looks as good as it always does. I want to try some of that!
    T Ray

    T Ray Well-Known Member

    Spent a little time at the HTCC on Saturday....

    Smoked/showed some of my Brian Berry Cough (Left) and Jesus OG (Right) with some weed nerds.


    Jesus OG


    Brian Berry Cough


    T- Ray

    GroErr Well-Known Member

    Jack The Ripper, Day 29 of 12/12
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    radrolley Active Member

    thinking of changing up my entire feeding regiment. i want to give subcool's recipe a try. not exactly the same but very close. here is what im working from
    for the base soil im just going to make my own. in a half batch the first time. i figured 4 bags of fertilome which are about 25.5 lbs and fills close to 20 gallons. add 1 cup of happy frog 5-5-5 all purpose. add 2 gallons of perlite, 1 gallon of vermiculite, and 1 gallon of fine coco coir. sunleaves nigh nitrogen bat guano. not sure how much i want to add yet. its 10-4-1.
    for the super soil i want mix the exact same copy of the above except dont add the high nitrogen guanto. add 20 lbs worm castings, 2.5 lbs steam bone meal 3-15-0, 2.5 lbs bloom bat guano, 2.5 lbs blood meal, 1.5 lbs rock phosphate, 3/8 cup epsom salt, 1/4 cup lime, 1/4 cup azomite, 1T powdered humic acid.
    the bottom half the 3/4 will be the super soil. the top will be a well developed clone buried with base soil. when the plant gets bigger the roots will get into the stronger and flowering nutrietnts.
    then just water with ph balanced RO. maybe even head to the spring and try that water for a while. getting tired of mixing chemicals all the time. be nice to just water.. .
    harris hawk

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    beuffer420 Well-Known Member

    Shot of the Michigan tga crew...this was a great group of weednerds right here. Worked their asses off this weekend! This booth was booming all weekend and saw some great tga flowers:)
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    Mason Jar 92705

    Mason Jar 92705 Well-Known Member

    vsmveg.JPG jbday15.JPG Vortex sistermidnight w/ her 4 heads and ready for a good veg. Vortex jacky brown day 15

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