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TGA Bagged Super Soil Info

Discussion in 'Subcool's Old School Organics' started by subcool, Feb 6, 2013.


    firedu Member

    thank you i try them out

    subcool Well-Known Member

    Buy Discounted TGA Super Soil nutrient packs! This offer is for those that are attending the Los Angeles High Times Cup. You can pick up the packs at our booth.

    Normally this pack sells for $100 but you can get it here for $75!
    **Bring your receipt with you to pick up your nutrients. This discounted price is for pick up only. Not for shipping.
    E Doh907

    E Doh907 Member

    I wish i was flying down with jasper, dont kno him sept from utube. But i have set a goal to go to the school of dank this next time. i need to research the time. fall ish i think unless your doing them more frequently. thanks sub
    E Doh907

    E Doh907 Member

    N if anyone out there cant get the bagged soil just mix it like the man said, I have mixed one half a batch but its almost gone, Im about to mix more here soon. need to within a month or ima get way behind. I wish i could do this full time but I am very greatful to have good work.

    on another note up here while i was ordering soil the shops cant get it shipped up here due to "HIGH METAL" ? i think it may be something else, so i bought enough for awhile. I sure hope it gets worked out soon tho, I was mixing with roots organics but this mix will be ocean forest. mixxed 2 bags ocean forest to 1 bag of weaker stuff, happen to have a big bag of roots 707. ill mix that to about 8 bags worth and mix in raw stuff and water and sit. its that simple just a lil bit of lifting an mixin.

    Noximus Well-Known Member

    hoping to get a charge pack at the cup... i did email the soil guys and they told me a spot in beaverton, Oregon where i could pick up some bagged supper soil. i just lost my damn vehicle and gotta get another to get to beaverton to pick some up. i appreciate the way these guys do business.

    Hashyfingers420 Member

    The best place for seeds is www.holisticnursery.com based out of San Diego CA, three day shipping and excellent service. You can get super soil at Northern Light and Garden and THEY SHIP!!! Peace out peeps *_*

    757growin Well-Known Member

    Saw the soil @ the cup. Your booth was great and should of won best of. Thanks for the pennywize and space kandy, will be running them in my outdoor this yr. Thanks for your kindnesss and all the knowledge you have shared.

    eastcoast22 Well-Known Member

    FYI you can purchase the fertilizer online. There is a PayPal button on the homepage tgasupersoil.com

    This IS NOT for soil purchases.

    rgb Member

    I know there were some changes from the original mix tothe new bagged mix and I would love to know what the changes were. I picked upa bag at the Cannabis Cup and I noticed some alfalfa in the mix and I believetheres some oyster shell. Looks like it may be the mix from The Weed NerdEpisode 36 on YouTube.

    I mixed up a couple batches yesterday and it was way easier than driving allover town trying to find this and that. I use a cement mixer so it was nice tojust throw in a 2 sf bag of organic soil, 2 gallon of worm castings, a smallbag of perlite and 6 cups of Sub's new mix. Awesome!

    I also bought a few of Subs strains at the Cup and Subscrew hooked me up with a few sample strains “Thanks Sub”. I ended up with 8strains altogether :D. Everyone at Subs booth was so nice and all Sub's strainslooked so good :weed: that I couldnt help dropping a few hundred on mix and seeds.

    I have grown a lot of different strains in Subs original mix, most turned outgreat but there was a couple that didnt do so well. Its going to be sweet torun strains that I know will do well in the mix.

    I will be sure to let everyone know how the new mix works out.


    firedu Member

    can i use Roots Organic Soilless hydroponic Coco media for dirt growing?just wonder if i use it on my plants like you would with soil dirt,am a dirt grower and just wanted to make sure that i can use this on my garden

    Noximus Well-Known Member

    hey 757growin... u in VA??? im from norfolk. good to see some people from VA doing there thing growing!

    eastcoast22 Well-Known Member

    Vendors are now listed on the site. :weed:

    Jman305 Active Member

    This is a charge pack, and is used as the "dry" fertilizer to add to your 8 x 1.5 cu ft bags of base soil. This will do a fairly large amount of plants, especially if done in containers where root circling isn't and issue. Return rate on primo headstash?! Totally worth it.

    Edit: Posted before reading. Saw this addressed already. My bad. :mrgreen:

    natro.hydro Well-Known Member

    DUDE firedu, fricking use the search function this is not the place for your beginner questions about soil. Sorry I'm down to help, but I help people in the newb section. That said my question to you sub is do you have to have a med card to attend the school of dank? Thought it would be cool to make the trip but I do not live in a med state...

    firedu Member

    yes this is a question about the soil read the post put down the pipe and read just a bit

    natro.hydro Well-Known Member

    Homie learn how to use the site before you get hostile. Your questions can easily answered if you would use the search function instead of asking on the sticky about bagged supersoil... Check yourself man and then Im sure we will be to continue civilly from there. maybe you should pick the pipe up? You check out that newb section like I suggested? If not I am telling ya a search works much faster than random postings in nonapplicaple threads...

    757growin Well-Known Member

    Not anymore. Jsut where I was living when I started on here. Va beach to be exact. Real nice there, but much better here. That being cali and socal to be exact. I'm running tga jesus og and space kandy now. Will be flipping them this weekend, also got males of each so a lil breading to come! Jesus kandy! Beat u 2 it sub. Lol

    mightyBUMone Well-Known Member

    Sunny's indoor garden is about 15 minutes from my house. I'm kind of sad I'm gonna take a couple months off for summer. But come late August I should be germing my beans and getting them ready for the super soil to blow my mind.

    chadkush Member

    I gotta meet jill someday shes hot lol neways. Thanks for posting ur soil info

    Hudsonvalley82 Well-Known Member

    Shameless related promotion for those of us on the long lost and shadowy east coast:


    TGA Charge Packs, Natural and Organic Soil, and Super Soil (not $100 soil)

    Shipping from NY so better rates on shipping than the West, and they give quantity discounts.
    You can also get better shipping rates if you call them. Contact info: www.clearspringshydro.com - they have really cheap fabric pots that are actually worth a shit too.

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