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Test Results from Odie Deisel's new TGA strains

Discussion in 'Subcool's Old School Organics' started by subcool, Apr 18, 2013.


    subcool Well-Known Member

    I think the numbers kinda explain why Odie and Mushmouth are official TGA Breeders.

    My Hats are off to these amazing breeders make sure to stop by and see these humble people at the TGA booth in CO and pick up some of these pre release strains.
    Only in Denver!


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    MichiganGrows Active Member

    Off the charts!!

    nirvanabuzh Member

    Picked up some dr who at the cup!

    wish I woulda stayed and talked to odie longer.

    does anyone know the lineage on mad scientist?

    geekmike Well-Known Member

    Mad Scientist is Medicine Man x Sweet Tooth I think.

    I pulled my first male from my Dr. Who seedlings today, these are looking good so far. Cant wait.
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    chbk Member

    Got to much going right now to start my dr who's but its on the way after the jack skellington's finsh.

    Tdk74 Member

    I went TGA nuts at the cup! Got JTR, DR WHO, MICKEYS KUSH, PLUSHBERRY, ACE OF SPADES, QUERKLE, BLUE MT KUSH, QUANTIM KUSH, JESUS OG, and one other but i forget and do not have them here now! I will be putting up pics of all these strains. So very grateful for all of the TGA crew in Denver. Every person i spoke with was very kind, i even gotta smoke some of frenchies hash with Mushmouth! Mushmouth also gave me a nug of Dr. Who to take home, and boy was it tasty! The kind of nug you can burn down to the last toke, and still have flavor.

    The first day was all about KARMA! i waited in line for 2 hrs! One mission in mind, to get to sub and give him the hard drive of music i made him!!! Get to the medication area walk up to the TGA booth and just like magic there he is Mr. Subcool himself! I look up to Sub in a big way for many reasons and all i have to say is this dude is for REAL! He was so kind to my girlfriend and I, took time to chat with us and hooked my up with free TGA gear! I have grown cannabis for roughly 20 years now and i completely agree with nearly all Sub's methods.

    Its more personal than cultivating for me though, i have a nephew with autism, he is one of the most amazing, talented children i have ever known in my life! I think it was the 3rd Weed Nerd i watched on YouTube and the topic was the School of Dank. From that moment on i was a loyal weed nerd! I tell every grower i know about TGA and his passion to for all that is good in the world! It bothers me now more than ever that some believe his charities may be a scam? FUCK that shit! If you feel that way you obviously have not been affected by autism yet... yet! Sorry for the rant i just had to vent! TGA kicks ass and please support autism if you can!

    Happy Gardening!! bongsmilie

    PS if you read this Sub, i gave Odie a Hemp shirt and some Rush & Tool DVDs for you as well on Sunday!

    subcool Well-Known Member


    mycomaster Well-Known Member

    Damn son! That Mickey Kush is no joke Sub. 28.6% T.H.C. :clap: Well done Odie and Mushmouth!:clap:

    Tdk74 Member

    Very good to hear Sub!! I knew you would dig the tunes! I wanted to tell you I had my hash tested at the cup and the white Trinity hash I gave you tested at 70% THC! Thanks to you and Matt Rize!

    cannabiscult Well-Known Member

    very excited to test teh mickeys out

    jm30 Well-Known Member

    Cheesequake came in at over 22 percent THC and some CBD. Pennywise was just over 23 percent THC. I was pretty happy with those numbers.

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    Lionheart Seeds

    Lionheart Seeds Member

    Beautiful plants amigo!

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