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Test Grow With New Nutrients

Discussion in 'Organics' started by Jah Leon, Jun 4, 2011.

    Jah Leon

    Jah Leon Member

    Hi everyone,

    Just thought I would share a test I did with a new company's product. The company that I will be testing will be Aptus from the Netherlands. This was a personal test done with 80 plants to see if the brand was living up to its motto "Only the best is good enough".

    Aptus Trial Test

    This test was done was done with by me and "the Mossou" a family friends. Feedback or tips on growing and areas of testing for better information would be appreciated.

    Aim: to find out if Aptus topbooster is better than original booster that we used prior for our crops.

    The trials was done with booster X and all but ten plants were given Aptus Topbooster in the last weeks from week 4 to finish before flush.

    Water type: No reverse osmosis water was used, regular tap calibrated
    Base Nutrients: Hypro A&B and regulator was used from the beginning
    Irrigation system: Drip irrigation
    Irrigation: 5 minutes every 3 days
    average irrigation per plant: 1 liter

    Pot size: 5 liter
    Substrate: cocos
    Style: SOG (Sea of Green)
    Strain: Power plant (PP) type: regular basic strain (Dutch Standard)

    EC------------PH -------Period of growth
    1.2------------5.2------ Vegetative 10 days
    1.2------------5.2------ Flowering week 1
    1.4------------5.2------ Flowering week 2
    1.6------------5.6------ Flowering week 3
    2.0------------5.6------ Flowering week 4
    2.2------------5.6------ Flowering week 5
    2.4-2.8-------5.8------ Flowering week 6
    2.4-2.8-------5.8------ Flowering week 7
    2.4-2.8-------6.0------ Flowering week 8
    0--------------6.0------ Flush

    Errors committed during the test was not measuring wet to dry weight out of then plants. Testing brix weekly or THC testing by lab equipment or home test.

    Results: more THC crystals were found on the treated plants even though top booster was used only for 4 weeks. These crystal started to reach the large fan leaves of the plant. Plants treated with Aptus top booster had higher yields. See picture as the small plants in front are from booster X.

    Plants exhibited higher crystal production, more intense aromas and oils compared to the counter parts and previous harvest with booster X.

    Check attached pictures
    Picture 1: small plants in between the giants is booster X
    Picture 2: Aptus top booster plants after 4 weeks alone
    Picture 3: Trimmed buds
    Picture 4: Trimmed buds
    Picture 5: Plants preparing for harvest
    Picture 6: buds in a bucket
    Picture 7: plant early flowering
    picture 8: phone photo shot
    Bless; love and gratitude :weed:

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    tommyo3000 Well-Known Member

    very nice! I like your scientific style. bravo!

    Jeffdt1966 Active Member

    holy bejebus ... the friggin motherload !!!!
    Jah Leon

    Jah Leon Member

    Thanks for the complements. I would like to make it more professional with brix readings, nitrate, internal ph and Ec.

    tommyo3000 Well-Known Member

    Nice, I have brix meter but rarely use it.. It is hard to squeeze juice out of the leaves and I am not sure what to compare it to. Do you know how to use brix meter for cannabis?

    Vindicated Well-Known Member

    Interesting, I've never heard of Aptus before. How long have you've been using their products?

    You have a nice number of plants there. looks like you had a fun and very productive grow. I hope you do a write up on your next grow; you explain things really well.

    Maybe add in a control and test other brands, like ones that you can pick up locally. And if you get a blog, post a link in your sig so we can follow you.
    Jah Leon

    Jah Leon Member

    Hi guys,

    sorry for the momentary lapse finishing off my degree so the big boys will accept it as my career. Anyhow back to the questions.

    Brix use

    In plants we use brix to get a reading of the dissolve sugar in plants. This can be used to tell:-
    deficiencies weeks before they show physical symptoms
    Calcium uptake in plants
    Sickness or disease
    Health of plants

    The brix reading can tell all of these things. You need to test the leaves which are the young adult to the mature adult. (young adult is a leaf that has recently unfolded and a mature adult is a leaf that has unfolded but is not very old). Tell me if you would like me to post a picture to better understand this.

    What the test mean?
    If the mature adult is higher or equal to the brix in the young adult leaves then your plant is healthy if the young adult is higher than mature adult means your plant is experiencing a problem of deficiency or disease, insects etc. These symptoms will show as time progresses.

    What does this mean?
    The higher the brix reading the healthier the plant. A brix level above 12 in mj will keep most disease away. I would strive to keep a minimum of 14 at all time.

    Tip for extracting juice from the plant?
    Use a garlic press and touch it with your finger. It works wonder to get it out.

    I can post some pictures of this too with a potassium disease and powdery mildew if you would like. With some brix readings....

    Aptus nutrients
    Aptus nutrient is a company that has been in the Netherlands for awhile they are the secret to a lot of grower in Brabant and Limburg area. My contact with them as been 2 years trying various products.

    Why you might not have heard of Aptus?

    Aptus is company consisting of professional products adapted for indoor use. They create mainly organic boosters that super charge any base fertilizer nutrient used. if used with example dutch masters you will receive better yields, resistance, flavors and crops. (way better)

    Stigma with boosters
    Most people are accustom to low end products in the booster market it has gone a bit un-notice. They live by the motto is "Only the best is good enough" and they continuously are consulting with professionals and growers to achieve just that.

    Just google regulator in Netherlands to see how many people use it with their nutrients as it regulates the uptake and increase the plant ability to do various processes while making it resistant to disease etc.

    My experience

    In my test so far they have out performed the competitors. Even me was astonished by this test difference and the second test was equally impressive.

    My opinion
    Take the challenge like I did and try it for yourself. It will be worth it......

    Bless; love and gratitude :mrgreen:
    Jah Leon

    Jah Leon Member


    jdmcwestevo Well-Known Member

    im starting a comparison with them and house and garden right now

    jdmcwestevo Well-Known Member

    those tops look amazing im excited to try this stuff
    Jah Leon

    Jah Leon Member

    That is awesome bro. I looking forward to see how it does too on different base.That last grow was amazing and I did two more grows to make sure the results stayed constant with Hypro. But recorded more information like wet weight and dry weight, wish I had a lab to test the THC. Some of my friends say they will try that when it comes commercially available over in the U.S.A.

    If we can get test with all the base nutrients would be awesome.

    Aptus rocks man. Will be looking at your grow bro and good luck but I know you will do great. One of us needs to test all the tips and tricks too.

    Bless; love and gratitude :weed:
    Izoc666 likes this.

    Izoc666 Well-Known Member

    definitely im gonna put my chair up and see how your test going....its very interesting about Aptus that i never know before until now...keep doing good job ! i love your grow...all of your plants looks real healthy than anyone...good job, sir ! i will sub this :)

    cezar Active Member

    nice test,nice plants.
    i want 2 know if you use and super pk/k with topbooster

    jdmcwestevo Well-Known Member

    ya my friend is the sole distributor for the US here he is giving me the outdoor pellets to test as well. this stuff is pretty awesome man i love the concentration and everything is organic. the theory behind all of it is incredible its not salt based so no chance of nutrient lock out or burn. so far the mix with House and garden soil a+b is doing better than the other control plants as far as which ones are showing more or less PM and slight burn. the HG plants have tiny spots of PM and the Aptus ones have nothing and no signs of any nute burn the HG has a bit very very interesting
    Jah Leon

    Jah Leon Member

    Just finished a test with the outdoor pellets. The control grew slower than one with the pellets from the same clone of Great white shark. Plan on starting a new test soon with different nutrient bases and a next test with the outdoor pellets.

    Would love to see some pics from your house and garden grow......I know with Aptus booster in the mix good things become better.

    Will post some other test results that I have soon here and the week report on a new test.

    Bless; love and gratitude
    Jah Leon

    Jah Leon Member

    Hi everyone,

    Just dropped in to add some visual evidence to my last post, had to dig it up from the archives.

    Aptus really works, here is my last test. here is some post, the pictures from the last measurement of Aptus outdoor or Aptus Base boost.

    This was done over a period of 5 weeks. Each week a photo was taken. The plan was to find out which one would give better results. This was done with the Mr.nice strain Great white shark or a.k.a shark shock.

    Both plants was planted in Atami kilo mix. The plant with grey piece of circle pipe was the plant with the Aptus outdoor in it. Both plants were clones from the same mother plant, created by my friend Pyro from seeds from Mr.nice seed bank. (give breeder's right)

    Big ups to Pyro keep it blazing buddy.

    Here is the pictures lets me hear what you think....

    It was interesting for me too. :blsmoke:

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    Jah Leon

    Jah Leon Member

    Thanks appreciate the love. Growing is journey worth sharing.

    Dutchgrower Active Member

    Aptus: new in the usa... great product...see youtube: TheKweker

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