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temperature problems

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by smurfy78, Dec 18, 2007.


    smurfy78 Active Member

    hey fellas, im testing the environment in my grow box and im having temperature problems. I have a rapid rpm fan blowing fresh air in the box from the base, a low rpm fan faced at the hydro system, and a oscillating medium rpm fan sucking exhaust out the top. (see diagram)

    my problem is that my heat is staying at about 100 degrees F and ive heard that anything over 95 is death to the plants.

    my question is how should i go about dropping the temperature? i was thinking about putting it down in a storm shelter where its cold here in the winter time. that way maybe the outside cold air would counter the heat inside the box made by the light.

    any suggestions? really need help, i plan to start growing next week

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    hansolo33 Active Member

    Where is your fresh air coming from? Another room or outside?
    Garden Knowm

    Garden Knowm The Love Doctor

    hey smurf,

    if you are drawing air out of the box, it should be replacing the air in the box with the AIR from the "room".. THUS making the temperature in the box, the same as the temperature in the room.. correct?

    what is the temperature in the room?

    You do not need a fan blowing air into the box... JUST have one or more fans PULLING air outta the box and leave a HOLE on the opposite side of the box OPEN... fresh air will come in through this hole...

    The air being drawn outta the box, should be above the light...


    tckfui Well-Known Member

    yea like GK sais, just put both fans as exhaust, intake isn't needed but nice... I like to think of it as the grow room is a bong, and the exhaust is your mouth... and the bowl is the hole... the hole dosnt need a fan becuase the exhause is pulling everything out... I dont know... it makes more sense when I say it, and we're smoking a bong :P

    smurfy78 Active Member

    oh i see what you guys are saying and it makes good sense, but im exhausting into a room with poor ventilation. I air the room out when im here, i just leave the door to the outside cracked. im gonna rig the intake fan to blow out the top of the box and suck the air thru a carbon filter. ill keep you guys posted on if it helped any

    smurfy78 Active Member

    alright now i got 2 boxes up top with fans pulling the hot air through the carbon filters between the growbox and fan box. ill let it run for a half hour and let you know how it goes

    smurfy78 Active Member

    alright i just checked and its running at 90F where the base of the plant will be. is this ok? or should i still put it outside where its colder and will counter the heat. also the hole where the fresh air comes in is about the diameter of a 2 liter bottle, should i open this larger? thanks for everything so far guys.

    ps i got 2 fans facing the ceiling sitting on top of 2 boxes on top of a rubbermade wardrobe that is covered with blankets to keep the light from coming out of the box and sparking suspicion among guests. ha its kind of a moot point i guess because i have 2 fans on top of a wardrobe. what should i do to try to conceal the fans on top of the wardrobe? the high rpm fan is pretty loud and is pretty obvious. if someone sees the fans in this position they might get weird ideas to go and open up the wardrobe. if i put a blanket over the fan it would stop the air flow some and it would still be a loud fan. so thats not an option. the only thing i can think of is to just tell whoever sees it that its circulating the air in my room because i dont have a window or ac/heat from the rest of the house. (i live in a garage that has been made into a 1 room apartment) does anyone have any ideas on how to conceal these fans? there is about 4 foot from the top of the fans to the ceiling, this whole rig is in a corner with another 2 wardrobes boxing it into a right angle with the wall. any ideas are very much appreciated

    tckfui Well-Known Member

    max temps shpuld be 80- 85

    smurfy78 Active Member

    yeah i just ran as much exhaust that i could overnight and i woke up and its just not going to work. the circulation in this room is ass and it doesnt make sense to exhuast it back into the room and make the room and the grow box 95 degrees constantly. im gonna try outside and i think it will be easier to control the temp considering its 40ish here at night and i can just run a space heater and take the oven of a grow box i have out there too.

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