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Temperature controlled mini fridge grow

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by aubud, Feb 8, 2010.


    aubud Active Member

    Anyone ever try this? Im thinking about trying to stick like a 250 CMH in a minifridge with this temp controller
    It would keep the temp anywhere i set it from 30-80 degrees, perfect for what i need. it would also keep my DWC res chilly which means i could use a fogponic system along with the regular bubbles!!!
    REDI JEDI 420

    REDI JEDI 420 Active Member

    Sounds interesting

    bigdb Well-Known Member

    i believe there would be too much humidity in a running fridge.

    spidermonkey04 Active Member

    I'm working on a mini fridge right now. I'll be using a cooltube'd 150w hps. As for controlling temps, I'm just using the built in thermostat dial. I removed the cover and found a tiny trim pot(adjustment screw). After some trial and error, I got it to hover around 75. You'll definitely need a cooltube/ventilation though. I'll post it all up when it's said and done...
    BTW buying and gutting a new fridge would be a terrible waste of money. I got mine on craigslist for $40.

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