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Technaflora vs Canna vs advance

Discussion in 'Nutrients' started by RedzoneFL, Mar 19, 2013.


    RedzoneFL Active Member

    What do you think is a better product and why? I did a google search, but came up with nothing. So I'm interested to see how the growers feel about the 3 products. Would all 3 be the same? Or is one better then the other, if so why do you say that.


    bunnyface Active Member

    Hey redzone,
    im quite surprised that no one has chimmed in with there exp. and opinions. I cant really help to much, but at the moe am trying out cannas range, minus the boost, and advanced nutes, not there full line either, as there so many bottles.
    from reading on here lots of people say they dont like a.n. and some say they dont like canna. I presume mainly for the cost. But each is to there own. So you know im trying each on different plants at moe.
    I havent used technaflora as i cant seem to get it where i am. So cant comment on it.
    From what i can tell there are two feilds to stand in. Either the i want a product thats complete , easy to use and not alot of different products etc. Canna seems to be in that feild.
    Or the i know what the plants need so i will go out and get different products and mix and match to get a balance. And advanced nutes seem to be in that feild.
    Lets look at canna first. So you know im on the aqua line for them, and as you can tell on the bottles it has the full range on macro, micros and trace, in an easy to mix 2part formula, there cannazym is for eating roots to make more usable energy for the plants, with the rhizo for root development. I didnt buy the boost as thats way to expensive for a metabolism booster. Some will swear by it, but i havent used it so dont know. What i can say is there vega a b, is a nice veg fert. I defo saw a difference with how the plants reacted to it, well compared to biobizzs stuff.
    Now advanced nutes have a bit of a rep for being 'shady', but there nutes do work. So you know im on jungle juice 3 part,but only use the micro and grow for veg, and now the micro and bloom for Flower. I do like how they state what non fert ingredients they use, but thats me. I also use the piranha, with bub blood for first 2 weeks and am goin to stop them both nd just use nirvana as a stim/enhancer for the rest of the flower cycle.. But so far great results.
    Sorry for ranting and that but thats my veiw on it. Bear in mind, that technically all nutes weather organic , mineral and synethic should have the same results. When its done i will show pics of the two plants and you dont really know if you dont try.

    Once again sorry for the rant/ramble, but thats how i view it, i could be way off with my view.

    Briansmith8585 Member

    I started with general Organics but really did not like it so I switched to an I'm having really good results so far but it's just so expensive my next run I'm going to go with canna but look around there are so many good ones out there for a lot less money.

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