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Teachers and Drug Tests

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by Bombadil, May 11, 2009.


    Bombadil Well-Known Member

    I was wondering if anyone on here is a teacher, and if so, do you get spot drug tested? I'm in college for a teaching degree and was wondering if I would have to quite smoking when I got a job. If so, I will probably move to a state that has medical laws. The state I live in has decriminalized cannabis, but I think you still lose your license if you test positive. Damn U.S. government.

    Biggravy22 Well-Known Member

    I had a couple of my younger teachers come to class high. It was always test day, when they didn't have to do much talking. But they did it. That was almost 10 years ago though...so things could be much different.

    jrh72582 Well-Known Member

    If you're in one of the major teaching unions, then you CAN'T get drug tested. In the private sector, the standard is to drug test. However, if you get in a public school union or college union, then you're free and clear. One perk of the job (among many)!

    Bookworm Well-Known Member

    My university has at least one prof. who has admitted to a select few students that he is Prop 215 legal and smokes every day. Judging by his housing location, I bet he grows as well, though he's definitely got the money to buy club weed all day.

    jrh72582 Well-Known Member

    Some of my fellow colleagues openly smoke (not a legal state), but they're tenured and publish on a regular basis, so the university could care less. Our union protects us from drug tests, so we're quite comfortable with it. Most of my students can inductively conclude that I smoke, but I don't offer that information. However, I smoke with two other professors all the time.

    I've never taught while stoned though. I don't know why - I just can't do it. I'm honestly not as sharp as when I'm sober (and I teach philosophy). It's weird, but I think it has more to do with my work ethic. For me, smoking is an exercise in leisure. When I'm at work, I take it very seriously, so avoid smoking. After all, it is a publish or perish environment and it took me forever to get tenure.

    Bombadil Well-Known Member

    Thanks, I didn't know that unions could block drug tests. I will definitely look into that. Are there any draw backs to joining a union, more benefits? Also, I'm looking at secondary education, maybe I'll go on to teach college one day.

    Bookworm Well-Known Member

    It seems to me that if you taught at a university level then administration could give a shit what you do as long as you get your shit done.

    As far as lower education goes, try to figure out the area. I guarantee that the HS I went to will never drug test a teacher, but some in richer areas might. Then again, rich schools might be just like colleges and not give a fuck.

    Teaching overall seems like a pretty safe profession to toke in.

    edit: and jrh, I went to philosphy high almost every day and my prof loved me, lol!

    jrh72582 Well-Known Member

    Many high schools and almost all Universities (as well as some colleges) employ Union teachers. The Union merely provides job security (tenure), standard benefits, fluctuated pay ranges, and great retirement benefits.

    I don't have experience with private high schools, but I think the standard is to test once in most religious schools. I could be wrong.

    Secondary education would be nice. Get yourself in a nice high school and they usually let you do your thing. Obviously, teaching in higher education ROCKS. There's no oversight as long as you perform well, we get sabbatical, and solid tenure as long as we publish in journals or read at conferences. I love it, but it's VERY difficult to find a job in some fields. It can also be extremely competitive until you get tenure. My two cents...
    Sgt. Floyd

    Sgt. Floyd Well-Known Member

    I'm curious. I understand what other academics publish. What do philosophy professors research/publish?

    Just so you know I don't mean to sound like an ass. I just honestly don't know.

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