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Teach me how to use a Lux meter..... Pics!

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by Mudslide9791, Jan 10, 2011.


    Mudslide9791 Well-Known Member

    SO I got my lux meter in today, it goes up to 50,000Lux according to the instructions. I'm not sure if I'm reading it right. Examples

    In this photo I'm taking a reading of my flowering girl under a 1000 watt HPS. the setting says x100

    SAM_0199.jpg SAM_0200.jpg

    So if 1 Lux is 1 Lumen/square meter then I'm getting 25,000 lumens per square meter at the tops of my plants right? The middle canopy of my plants showed 150 x 100 Lux which would mean 15,000 Lumens per square meter at the middle of my canopy?

    So 1 Lux = 1 Lumen per square meter or am I reading this wrong?


    Mudslide9791 Well-Known Member

    Really nobody knows how to use one of these?
    Kodank Moment

    Kodank Moment Well-Known Member

    Lumens are a bitch lol. I just put the lights on and watch the magic happen...I know the more lumens the better :D Sorry. Good luck. Try googling..."how to read a lux meter"

    Mudslide9791 Well-Known Member

    Yeah they are, lol. I'm pretty sure I got it though. What I wrote above is right according to Google and wiki. 1 Lux = 1 lumen per square meter or say 1 lumen roughly 3.25 square feet.

    In my language that means 1000 watt light = baddassery =) lol. We'll just keep it at that =P

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