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Tangie..... here we go again.... i hope not tho

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by HGK420, Jul 25, 2013.


    HGK420 Well-Known Member

    Latest post from the tude.

    "For those asking about DNA Genetics Tangie seeds, we have yet to receive any stock, as soon as its in we will let you know. #TANGIE"

    any one even smoked some tangie?

    i say here we go again cause i am having visions of the great tangerine dream run. every grower i know ran at least a few tangerine dream beans. not one of us got anything worthy of getting the goats high.

    Anyone had good tangerine dream?

    I have more faith in DNA than Barneys farm. Dna has always done me right. so I'm hoping maybe they make it up to the world in the tangerine department.

    Your guys thoughts?
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    coolkid.02 Well-Known Member

    I've heard through a trusted source that this strain is super dank, and a citrus lovers dream smoke (as he put it). I have faith in DNA, and none in Barney's.

    Barrazaburnz Active Member

    Yea they have it at the clinic colorado in Denver. Super Dank and it won the sativa cup this year. Also it's on the cover of the august high times

    HGK420 Well-Known Member

    tangerine dream won all kinds of shit too.

    I have faith in Dna to maintain the Top shelf flavor.

    il run a pack as soon as its available. i just had the WORST time ever with tangerine dream. i decided to phase it out right away but due to labeling issues with clones it took over my room. a bunch of clones got labeled OG 18 and thats a stretchy ass strain too so i couldn't tell it was tangerine dream til the buds started forming. we just got rid of it a few weeks ago. like no joke ive been infected by the tangerine dream VIRUS for like 2 years. its all my fault for labeling shit wrong but couldn't it of been any other strain lol.
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    greenghost420 Well-Known Member

    i was interested in tangerine dream, glad i never pulled the trigger . a tangerine strain that caught my eye was the tangerine use by rare dank. the new cross they released uses this cut, im forgetting the cut but youll know when you see it. its a pheno from a pack of soma seeds. also the other tangerine im looking at is ofcourse the tangie! also wondering the lineage

    althor Well-Known Member

    Tangerine Dream sucks. I have grown and my buddy has grown it and all phenos we have come across sucks.
    I keep hearing of this "good pheno" but I think it is a myth and just advertising. If there really is a good pheno you have to grow out so many really bad plants to find it, it is not worth it.

    GreenSummit Active Member

    complete marketing hype. hope dna's is better, i would give it a shot based on past experience with them

    greenghost420 Well-Known Member

    how the fuck it win a cup? i have heard only one good thing about it since then notta. you see the tang dream grown in a water farm under a 400? beastly, but i still wouldnt buy it.

    bogglegum Member

    hilarious. Tangerine dream, is easily the worst shit ive grown.

    HGK420 Well-Known Member

    Lets say hypothetically i own a magazine. with this magazine i make MILLIONS every month in advertising. I use my name with this magazine to hold a competition in which most of the people that advertise with me would be able spend more advertising dollars if they got good mentions in said contest. not every one who would for sure win said contest advertises with me tho so now i have a conundrum. back room deals over dabs for millions? or let the real winners win who aren't gonna spend money with me to advertise because they don't need to? if i let that happen all the people who advertise with me probably won't any more...... bit of a conundrum ehhhh

    Galvatron Well-Known Member

    you can also easily enter something else in the cup and call it what your next release is, have that win the cup then release a different bean using the same name to capitalize on the cup status.

    the judges dont know what they are smoking they only have the end product they dont see the plants, what it was grown from they would never know.

    HGK420 Well-Known Member

    ^ it's been done

    Upstate2626 Well-Known Member

    ^^^^^ cough, cough- GDP with their Bay 11, lmao. Most of us know the story by now, lol. Best wishes if ya score those DNA beans, should be better than your horror story with Barney's. Couple years ago I was on a DNA kick.
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    HGK420 Well-Known Member

    Bay 11 wasn't it? same deference lol

    DNA seems to capture that flavor somehow that the masses just love. most connoisseur's dig it too but some (like myself) hold MOST dna bud as our everyday smoke. its not super expensive or valuable(depending on which side of the cash register your on) so you don't feel bad blowing 5 joints back to back to back. AND its pretty fucking good. strong enough to hit the most seasoned smoker where he needs it.

    DNA has worked enough stability into their beans you can find that winner if every pack BUT that winner isn't gonna be as amazing and special if say they were just F1's. now f1's arnt really awesome either so idk is there some kind of happy medium? where you still have that lottery shot at an elite but 9/10 of your beans don't taste like grass clippings?

    Upstate2626 Well-Known Member

    Yeah- I agree, I seemed to get mostly good plants with DNA. For some reason I keep thinking about the Lemon Skunk I got from them a couple years back being one of the better "all arounders" from the packs I did. I never got an elite from them but like you said- most are better than average. Your correct about Bay 11, my mistake- not too up to date with GDP since they arent on my radar. DNA seemed to be pretty constant for me but that was years ago.

    BubbaGum Well-Known Member

    I've actually smoked the Tangie that won the cup recently. (Can't recall whether it was the one in sandiego or the one in LA that was moved twice)
    It's really strong tasting and personally found it way too sour without any sweet. Overpowering of tangerine but the high isn't standout strong. I couldn't believe it won over Ghost train haze having smoked that one entered as well (again, I'm not a huge fan of the jack and trainwreck relatives but I enjoy Ghost train haze). If you liked agent orange, jillybean or the other "sour" citrus varieties you might really love it.

    In terms of the actual plant no experience, except every batch I've seen and smoked was whispy so I wouldn't imagine it's a huge yielder. It's interesting being able to sample the cup winners and entries and you notice some cups are won because so many cups are hosted so continuously that entries aren't always the best avilable.

    BluffinCali Well-Known Member

    Trust me no comparison to Barney's Tangerine Dream, though I actually have seen a couple pheno's that aren't all that bad. That being said Tangie is far and away a completely different level of flowers, fairly easy sativa dom strain to grow from what Ive seen and as with most genetics from reliable sources its more of what type of grower is handling the run. I've had good things from DNA and RP over the years, Sour Cream, OG18, Kosher Kush, Lemon OG and some good Chocolope phenos though Im really digging the La Chocolat as expected when the LA Con hits it up a notch.

    On another note if anyone knows somewhere to land some Grindhouse Mob Boss or H&L Dawg's Waltz, plenty of options here to work something out. No worries if not as these will be coming around shortly but Id like to get a jump on either or. Really would like to find Tang Tang dom pheno's out of Mob Boss, or go seeking through Steeles Blockhead IBL...any info please PM me if you can. Im out in N. Cal and always interested in adding something new to pick through, wouldn't mind stumbling up on the "poodle nuts" pheno. Im stocked with years of collecting beans and/or cuts of various clone only's from my parts of the left coast. Wish you all the best, Tangie will become a staple in the medical scene very soon, I've seen grows but only tried concentrates from Tangie and very impressive. Take the leap and train the hell out of her...Take care fellow growers!

    Bay11 is a rip off of H&L Appalachia for anyone not in the know. Although Im not a Ken Estes fan his Phantom Cookies and GDP are pretty damn good, I got those freebie Purple Dreams which in my mind should be a good cross. Im one that is still a fan of properly grown Blue Dream, but after this last year of growing some sr71PK x Blue Dream outdoors Im thoroughly interested in Dream crosses which certain strains...Wouldn't mind one day getting my hands on their limited Kush Dream...

    EirikN Active Member

    The seed depot is having a drop with grindhouse seeds tonight, they are not dropping mob boss btw but the prophet dmt and blockhead ibl + some dmt crosses
    Mrs. Rare Dankness

    Mrs. Rare Dankness Active Member

    I have smoked the Tangie from Tangieman, the BEST thing about this strain is the FLAVOR. I have never smoked anything that has that tangerine flavor like this.

    calicat Well-Known Member

    Prolly invested their time and energy with a product that would win the cup. During the mass production phase prolly didn't care anymore because they have the marketing out there already.

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