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Tall Spindly Seedlings

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by nlead, Jan 18, 2008.


    nlead Active Member

    I have 5 Snow White seeds under x2 1ft floresent tubes. These popped through the soil a couple of days ago but are already about 3-4 inches tall. Is this rate of growth normal? I'm worried that the plants will be to tall and spindly and unable to hold there weight. Are they reaching for the lights? I currently have the tubes about 2inchs of the top of the seedlings.
    Bear's Blunts

    Bear's Blunts Well-Known Member

    yes the are reaching for the floro s get light 1 to 2 inches above plants Peace

    dankforall New Member

    Mine do that sometimes just try to keep the tubes right above them. This will help alot! Good Luck!!

    nlead Active Member

    Thanks guys. Cheers for the info, i can stop worrying now.

    HippieMan Well-Known Member

    If they get too tall you can always tie them to a stick with some dental floss or soft string. Make sure you don't tie it too tightly, even slightly loose is perfect. All my seedlings usually get really tall at first, and I usually tie them up with a fan circulating. Within a week or two their stems will be strong enough to support themselves throughout.

    bluntmaster Active Member

    how do you tell the sex of the plant as a seedling ? or can you

    Motorola0457 Member

    I have a quick question about this topic. If I have some seedlings that are reaching for light and are now about 7-8" tall. I have them supported so they stand up. We they be alright or they to far gone? I made the mistake of keeping the 2x 48" Florescent lights to far away. Now they are about 2-3" from the top of the seedlings. Please let me know if there is any chance for these guys or if I should just toss them. All the seeds I use are from bags. Please help!

    dgk4life Well-Known Member

    just remove plant and dirt from current container place into new container bury all of plant except top inch or so

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