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talking narcotic, questions for breeders

Discussion in 'Subcool's Old School Organics' started by GreenSanta, Jun 27, 2013.


    GreenSanta Well-Known Member

    Now that more and more people are breeding for High CBD content, it got me thinking.... if cbd can counter the effects of thc, does it means that a 20% THC .5% cbd strain would have less narcotic effects than a 19.6% THC and 0.0% CBD ?

    How related are those... whats the % of CBD require to cancel out the THC, is it 1/4 cbd to 1 thc or 1 to 1 !?

    So if a breeder is after sheer potency and narcotic effects, the ultimate strain would have 0.0% cbd right?

    myfather Active Member

    Can I say something here...

    I think breeding for potency is fucking stupid. Even if you are testing the entire plant and taking the average potency... I can't tell you how dumb it is when I go into a med shop and see all of the potency information when you know goddamn well that the larf they are selling would never test anywhere close to the top nug they had tested at the lab. They just slap the 23% label on the entire jar and hope you are dumb enough to give them credit

    there are soooo many variables when it comes to growing potent cannabis that there is no way in hell you will consistantly pull those numbers off of every bud on the plant

    You could give the same clone to 10 different growers and numbers will be all over the map.. Further, you can give a 10 pack of seeds to one grower and the listed THC/CBD content will be nowhere close to what was advertised...

    Plus... with concentrates become so widely available... If I am worried about getting wasted on weed, I'll go down that road.

    That Said... plants should be breed for Terps and Terps only....

    GreenSanta Well-Known Member

    I agree in some ways, I am not so worry about thc content now and I use only my best smelling plants to make seeds. But I disagree that it should be all about Terps. I mean, I have not tried any CBD rich strain to know for sure but from the research i have done it's worth breeding for high cbd content... depends what you are after...

    but the higher the the thc content in the flowers and the easier the extract... The hash has less impurity as well when the buds are coated with resin.

    geekmike Well-Known Member

    having tried multiple CBD flowers and hash now, I can say this.... anything under 3%CBD flower isn't really going to do much for you. The amount of CBDs that are needed to properly medicate are far higher than it takes to get baked from THC. This is why 2:1 CBD/THC ratios are sought after. By the time one is properly medicated w/ the CBDs they are stoned enough to enjoy the euphoria of the THC.

    10% CBD or higher if you are looking for real medicine

    GreenSanta Well-Known Member

    So I gather you really notice a difference from the 2 highs? How does being high on CBD feels like!? lol I CANT WAIT!

    geekmike Well-Known Member

    "Chilled the fuck out" is the most commonly used term....:joint:
    Vincent VonBlown

    Vincent VonBlown New Member

    I'll go by what I think of the smoke, and actual end results... I mean, it doesn't matter what a piece of paper says... And you can breed for anything you like, flavor, speed, aroma, potency, yield, cannabinoid count etc...

    geekmike Well-Known Member

    testing makes it easier especially when looking for CBD ratios, otherwise you are just throwing pollen in the wind. I am all for terp & smoke selection but when you are dealing w/ real medicine Science needs to happen every now and again.

    ReefBongwell Well-Known Member

    I'm excited for when my pennwise comes in :) it's already ordered so it'll be here about a week after hempdepot gets it in stock :) ooh my qush and jc2 will probably get here tomorrow :) very excited to try a high CBD strain and see how well it helps out my joint/tendon issues if at all... should help w/ my sleep stuff too i'm sure :)

    GreenSanta Well-Known Member

    I ll know 30-40 days from now :) ... will be harvesting skunkhaze!!

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