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taking of to cali

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by viper2020cobra, Feb 26, 2013.


    viper2020cobra Active Member

    Has anyone ever thought about just taking off on a trip to Cali around Humboldt county redwood area. And just camping out and growing some monsters under the warm California sun for the season

    I'm not even sure you could there are so many growers there likely go get shot running into another grow lol
    shynee mac

    shynee mac Well-Known Member

    its possible I actually know a homeless guy and his wife/girlfriend, they grow near the Grass valley/ Navada city area and they have been growing in those mountains for several years. (long story short)they use to live in folsom had an uncle that lived up that way.moved, fell out with uncle, and continued to grow in that area.

    Amysd Active Member

    Not advisable but I guess that could be your interpretation of the American dream. Today most of the illigal outdoor grows on Public land are due to the Cartel so not a great crew to get mixed up with! Just rent a house if you wanna do the Cali summer grow! Its super flooded though, SUPER

    MasterDabbin Member

    Dude too many people in Cali already. Traffic everywhere. Its flooded here dude.

    HTP Active Member

    I dont think he is in it to sell ...

    viper2020cobra Active Member

    HECK ya im in it to sell lol....i dont even smoke it just like to grow it and get paid doing it . with the economy the way it is it midaswell be the depression and running moonshine
    be ez

    be ez Well-Known Member

    hahahaha :blsmoke:

    iSmokealottaweed Active Member

    Well you're a douchebag so get the fuck out. People down there have a culture and community that's being ruined by trashy money hungry people like yourself. :finger:
    SenorBrownWater likes this.

    viper2020cobra Active Member

    once upon a time in the 70s and 80s perhaps but its been ruined and long gone for awhile now

    StevenSD420 Active Member

    have you ever stayed in so cal for more than a month? you dont even know what the real medical culture is like here.

    it's people like you that keep coming here and creating reasons to shut down our shops and pull away our rights as a patient.
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    viper2020cobra Active Member

    closest i got was living in fallbrook which is san diego for a few years.. and all i experienced was thugs and mexicans who have a thing for knee socks..

    i know what the culture is or atleast a good idea of it and i understand where your coming from thats why im not being rude. but like i said man its already gone and its either eat or be eaten. personally i like to eat im not much of a follower

    SenorBrownWater Well-Known Member

    Stay Brewin

    Stay Brewin Member

    Please dont free load on our land.. We have so many homeless from the mid west living on our streets already.

    ogswisher Active Member

    not much of a follower? then go to idaho or some shit because u are following everyone up north...

    cybergreen Member

    I'm about to take off for Cali in a few months, granted I'm from NorCal so it's not like i'm hoping on the band wagon i'm just moving back.
    Stay Brewin

    Stay Brewin Member

    Welcome back buddy. I just made the move back too, couldn't be more happy with the decision. Growing up in nor cal me and my buddies all wanted to go to all these different places, after 4 years of that i realized cali has everything these other places do combined into one state.. No where like it man. Enjoy all the freedom that comes with it too!

    cannabiscultivation Active Member

    I noticed living other places for a bit.....that the media does not address our amazing weather.
    I think if people really knew the diff..they would all come.
    Stay Brewin

    Stay Brewin Member

    That is rude man youre basically just perpetuating the so cal white trash stereotype. The 'bro' style or knee high socks and dickies doesnt mean you dont have culture. Ive been all over north america buddy and cali is the center of culture in the US, even dominates pop culture in canada, with the exception of new york and atlanta maybe.. People come here and say were too eccentric or whatever then they leave and say were all white trash or beach bums or dirty hippies lol.. or even worse... mexican thugs lol they are chicanos btw :)
    You know you miss us and our beautiful land you dont have to admit it, we still get to enjoy it every day!
    Stay Brewin

    Stay Brewin Member

    Oh hell ya its like all three timezones in one state man.. All winter its 60-70 on the beach, 70-80 inland and even snowing with fresh powder in the mountains, north OR south cali!! I mean shit, where can you surf in the a.m., go dirtbike in the desert or even play golf lol and then go snowboard all in one day?!

    757growin Well-Known Member

    Cali does have it all! Been all over the world and most of continental us and hawaii. Cali can't be beat. From the east coast, jersey to be exact. Ny is nice atlanta to but it comes down to the fact that their cities is all they have. Wish I could stay in this fantasy land 4ever

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