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Taking mushrooms alone?

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by boogiewoogie, Feb 22, 2008.


    boogiewoogie Active Member

    ive never done mushrooms, but ive been wanting to for a while. is there anything wrong with taking them alone at my house?
    Stoners With Guns

    Stoners With Guns Active Member

    not at all, if you feel like you can handel a 8 houre trip by yourself. i recomend having a buddy but i've triped alone. it was very introspective and insightfull. just have lots of good music. i realy recomend The Who: who's next album all the way through when you start peeking. it literaly blew my mind.

    porchmonkey4life Well-Known Member

    I don't know...I've heard stories from friends who have had terrible trips-frightening stories that make me wonder how they survived with their sanity (mostly) intact. Please don't do shrooms or any other strong hallucinogen alone. It's not safe, especially for the inexperienced user. Wouldn't it suck if you freaked out and called 911 telling them the fucking walls are alive and trying to eat you, or that your body is being pulled apart by 6-headed demons?

    jomal206 Well-Known Member

    Yeah I don't know about doing them for the first time by yourself.....if you were experienced with them, for sure.....but just for the fact that you don't know what to expect....I'd see if a buddy will do it with you

    MrBaker Well-Known Member

    If you can't do them alone, then you're either A. doing too many B. crazy without the shrooms and they just bring out your craziness.

    Just start low. If you were going to start a work-out regiment, you wouldn't start by bench pressing 400 lbs would you?

    porchmonkey4life Well-Known Member

    Like I said. Don't do them alone. If you have any latent psychological problems (that you don't know about yet), these will be made manifest, and possibly irreversibly. Do you have any family history of mental illness?

    Having addressed that, it's just way more fucking fun to trip with other people, whether or not your buddies are sober (but more fun if they're tripping right with you).

    shadymyster555 Well-Known Member

    I have tripped alone before, when I was still in high school, AND my parents were home, on top of that, i was GROUNDED! I still had tons of fun, and even had conversations with my parents. It was my first time back then, and it was still awesome, you have to be strong minded though, I would not recommend it for most people.

    Orangeman Active Member

    Yeah, people who are used to shrooms can do it. I think all drugs are like that, I mean marijuana does nothing to my mentality as far as my comprehension, but I know a lot of people I still smoke with that just get fuckin retarded and can't even operate a computer when they smoke with me so..anywho I can't wait to try shrooms. I'm ordering some spores and gonna grow my own and take them this summer when this house will be all mines. I'll have my cousin over here to make sure I'm alright lol.

    Taipan Well-Known Member

    when i went home and i was still on mushrooms just the feeling of no one being there made me really sad. and nothing bad happened at all. it wont like give you a bad trip its just you should have someone there with you.

    Lizard.King Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't do them alone you feel sooooooo fucking shitty the first time I did them was 5 grams I had the best time me and my buddies watched movies all night dying of laughter and I was able to do fit the rim of a cup in my mouth (I know there will be jokes) I also have a picture if any one wants to see its fuckin hilarious. Now when they went to bed I was still trippin hard because I ate a gram or two about 30 min before they wanted to go to sleep. So I tried to sleep but it just threw me into a shitty place. Same thing happened with MDMA my buddy left after 2 hours into the trip and I got horribly depressed.

    boogiewoogie Active Member

    None of my friends want to do em though, thats my problem. One of my friends said hed do it with me but every time I bring it up he makes up some excuse about why he cant do it. I'm all for being safe so I'll probably just wait

    Smoke2Live420 New Member

    dont do that man
    thats the worst you could do
    its bad to be by yourself when your tripping, you will start to feel really lonely and that might make u get a bad trip. i was alone once when i tripped and i had the worse trip ever. its also bad to be with too many people. so 2 or 3 is good as long as you feel comfortable

    Lizard.King Well-Known Member

    Just do em but have someone there to hang out with

    Oisterboy Well-Known Member

    Do it! DOOO IT! If there is nobody there, your mind can wander, rather than focusing on talking with someone else.

    So much more for your money...

    Although, for your FIRST time...I'd atleast have someone you could call on the phone...who'd be there for you FOR SURE (the ringing, waiting for someone to pick up can be scary...it seems like it goes on forever.)

    Lizard.King Well-Known Member

    Talking to someone else? Fuck that noise I had no intention on talking it was wayyy to hard I kept thinking of what I wanted to say then it would come out so dgfg then my friends would be like what and I would stay quiet and look back to the movie. We tried playing poker when a couple of us were fucked up on them and the sober kids didnt understand why it was so hard for us to deal with the game until they figured out that we were so gone on shrooms there was no lookin back. But as long as someones there but seriously do shrooms and watch comedies you will die of laughter. I watched Waiting Jay and Silent Bob Strike back and Fear and Loathing I was on the floor laughing sooo hard I've never laughed that hard and I yet to have again.

    Microdizzey Well-Known Member

    When I did them by myself, I was able to lounge naked and freely. Couldn't have done that with buddies around. lol

    Good music, glass of water, and mellow lights is all you need.

    Lizard.King Well-Known Member

    Hey if your friends can't deal with you laying around in your house naked then you need new friends! LOL I once got drunk with a bunch of people and we ran down my road streaking well it ended up to be me the only one running down the road as they were behind me taking pictures LOL good times for sure so if anyone wants to see some sweet ass runnin lemme know hahahaha
    420 Growper

    420 Growper Well-Known Member

    I ate some bt myself while my wife was at work--i sat and watched John Wayne movies all day and laughed my ass off...my wifey was pissed at me when she got home and it seemed like people i hadn't seen in a long time kept comin over that day and I was trying to hide it--fuckin paranoid and in cartoon land --hilarious

    Twistyman Well-Known Member

    Shrooms are ok alone if you're carefull . start low. 1g . It's good if you're alone to have the ability to go outside . Tripping indoors can be kind of restrictive , outside lots of things to look at. Trees, grass, birds, and oh yeah , funny looking people. Just don't talk to your neighbors they might think you're a retard, or worse, A fucking PSYHCO. :)

    Lizard.King Well-Known Member

    They'll probally think your a retard if anything its fuckin hard to speak on mushrooms and make sense

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