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Taken advantage of at Attitude Seed Bank UK

Discussion in 'Seedbank Reviews' started by MatanuskaValley, Feb 18, 2010.


    MatanuskaValley Well-Known Member

    I ordered a kushberry from the pick and mix section, I paid extra for stealth shipping in a t-shirt. I paid all the extras to make sure I get the seed.

    The seed arrived broken. I had heard good things about attitude and that is why I ordered from them.

    I took a picture of the seed and emailed them awaiting a positive response. This morning I got my response telling me I had to ship it back in their packaging and then they would resend it haha.

    What a clever profit making policy to take advantage of medical patients on a limited income what a joke.

    captain792000 New Member

    man that does suck....that just isnt right....

    autoflowa Well-Known Member

    dude im sorry... that sucks!! but put it this way, in a business perspective, if everyone took a picture of a random broken bag seed, and emailed it to them, saying it was broken from the shipment, they would be outta businesss, lol.. someone must have man handled your package to crack the seed cus i ordered from them a few times without incident.. was it only one seed? if so just count it as a loss? it coulda been worse if you dropped big money and they ALL cracked, but ya that definitely sucks, either way!!
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    High Time 420

    High Time 420 Well-Known Member

    They will replace and reimburse.

    smppro Well-Known Member

    Yeah thats how it works, they cant just send you more product without getting the damaged product back, how are they making a profit by replacing your seed? This isnt anything new, that how everyone that gets a smashed seeds get new ones.
    High Time 420

    High Time 420 Well-Known Member

    And they will probally chuck in a few extra beans to cover you cost of sending back your broken beans

    delstele Well-Known Member

    They will make it right you just godda work with them.Good luck!

    MatanuskaValley Well-Known Member

    I only ordered 2 seeds mix and match. The one broken seed mattered to me. They will not replace and reimburse.

    As for everyone that says they have to do business this way and if they replaced broken seeds they would go out of business I ask you this! "Just how many broken seeds are they shipping out!!??"

    They said if I make a note on my next order they will include another seed, but I don't have the money to place more orders.

    I would understand if I did not pay the extra money to get the guaranteed shipping and packaging. I did however and they did not hold up their end of the bargain!
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    Am I Norml

    Am I Norml Active Member

    with you being on a budget that tight and also being a medical user wouldn't it be in your best interest to either plant to make seed or clone to keep what you need going...if i was in need like that i would be damned if i would do with out and be waiting or stressing one or 2 seeds.. just a thought .. bongsmilie

    sourdieselismyonlyfriend Active Member

    dude are you kidding me? i just ordered 5 fem big bud x white widow and a chiesel off the pick & mix.. they better all be in one piece when they get here.. where in the nw are you dude. i might be able to plug you with a big bud x white widow bean.. i understand your frustration. especially that you are on a budget. i am trying to start a ebb and flow Sea of Green on unemployment. lol. so far ive spent about 400 dollars on the lights, soil, square pots , fans, among other bullshit. only to figure out i wanted to do hydro. its hard times lol.

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    how much is it gonna cost to send back one seed and its lil ziplock baggy to the uk? a dollar or two? its not like its gonna cost you twenty or thirty dollars to mail them back to the tude.. and i don't think its that the attitude are sending out cracked seeds, but rather that either the royal mail or the usps just man handles the mail like no ones business.. they don't care that your a med patient and in need of your seeds.. i have heard a lot about the royal mail ripping apart packages and stealing the contents..

    sourdieselismyonlyfriend Active Member

    dont be a douche bag.. hes gotta start somewhere.
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    Am I Norml

    Am I Norml Active Member

    im not being a douche bag.. maybe i just read his post wrong but im one of those people that always have a plan B so if something goes wrong im covered..call it paranoia call it advanced thinking...hell call it being a douche bag even...but he only ordered 2 and the chances of that cracked seed being the one that wouldn't germinate or turned out to be a male is just as likely if not more likely than him receiving a cracked seed from the *TUDE*...my way of thinking is with him being a medical patient he obviously buys a bag once in a while...instead of going through the shit of getting it replaced with all the variables involved why not just germ a bag seed and then he can have a nice comparison ... wasn't intentionally trying to be a dick but there is alot of obvious things here that doesn't merit trashing a killer seed bank over a single fukt up seed..anyways ill apologise and ill even toss in a + rep for being sorry if i came off like a fucktard but to me its just obvious..bongsmilie

    MatanuskaValley Well-Known Member

    If only we all had your level of enlightenment... But I guess then you wouldn't be special right?

    Its the principle of the thing. Fucking multi million dollar company being dick holes over one seed when I paid for the extra guaranteed shipping.
    Am I Norml

    Am I Norml Active Member

    yea but in every instance of crap like that i have ever run into they will just site *company policy* and your screwed either way...know what i mean.. bongsmilie

    MatanuskaValley Well-Known Member

    The Attitude should package their seeds better when I order the 20$ shipping.

    A large number of medical users are paralized, I am not. But that doesn't change the fact that Attitude is losing touch with us.

    WolfScott Well-Known Member

    I got an entire bad batch form nirvana.. only one seed germinated so I sent a email. One week later I received a replacement pack no questions asked. I didn't even send a pic or anything! But I was very plight in my email. Nirvana gets my business next time...
    Am I Norml

    Am I Norml Active Member

    there is another bank i like also ...and i REALLY like bcseeds

    MatanuskaValley Well-Known Member

    Man I really Appreciate that! I am mostly whining on principle though.

    I have beans I got through Rhinoseeds. They are not feminized but whatever, I will make due:)

    MatanuskaValley Well-Known Member

    Now that's service!

    I have even ordered from the attitude in the past with no complaints. And they are treating me like a scammer

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