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T5/PAR vertical grow - General questions about setup/cooling/ballasts

Discussion in 'CFL / Fluorescent Lighting' started by Millsie, Nov 5, 2012.


    Millsie Well-Known Member

    Hi Rui,

    Thinking of running a vertical t5 PAR grow.. In a box around 90cm(h)x30-60cm(d)x30-60cm(w).
    Also wondering if I can can build a rotating centre to put all the T5's on to slowly rotate the lights around distributing the PAR.

    Will be running 22" 24watt variation of T5 lighting w/ hopefully the following setup.
    (kinda copying the prof but changing it up a bit ;) )
    Link (probably running 4-10 bulbs depending on how much money I want to spend w/ expensive shipping)

    So just a few questions;
    I'm going to be running 100-200 watts of T5 in that little box will 200CFM be able to extract out the heat quick enough?
    Can I run multiple 24watters off a 54watt T5 ballast(i.e. split the cables or whatever and how hot do the ballasts get)?
    What's the penetration power of T5's? (You can get them real close, right?)
    I might eventually use UV-B as well, I hear the minimum distance was 12" without getting mutations within the plant/buds?

    I'll draw up my idea in sketchup, I wonder if I'm describing this correctly >.<


    lifetagger Member

    ok so 200cfm should do the trick. but id say on the safe side to go a lil bigger. as for multi 24s off a 54 i have no idea. ya you can have them real close. mine used to tuch my babies. but you have to cause the penetration isnt there. and the uv-b no idea again. hope to help if i can. happy farming

    BluntM8 Active Member

    is this for veg, flower, or both? which spectrum lamps are you going with? are you using HO or VHO T5s?

    intenseneal Well-Known Member

    VHO bulbs are not T5, VHO is a T8 bulb that was pretty much left behind when the T5 came into it's own. T5 HO blows away VHO bulbs. OP for veg you will want to use 6.5K bulbs and for flower you need need to switch to 3K and 660nm bulbs which are in the red spectrum.

    Millsie Well-Known Member

    Alright, sorry for my absence just had to research a few things.

    Now I'm thinking of doing a 200watt Inda-grow light grow, possibly with introducing some more deep red into the grow in the later stages.

    Still thinking around the 70cm (w)x 70cm(d) x 90-100cm (h) (doing a google scetchup now; light should be around 7-9" away from vert grid.) w/ Two openable doors and possibly a openable top.. Just thinking of how to actually get at the nugs.. Since I'll have one massive ring of buds around the light maybe ill leave a 20cm gap each side of the grid..? Or maybe the top could lift off/clamp down?

    Also thinking of going organic; and wondering what I can feed them(canna?) and how.. (Maybe drip feeding?) or maybe I should just keep it simple w/ two doors and pots far out in the corners..

    http://i.imgur.com/C1KUM.png - Let me know if you have any questions ;)

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