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T5 Light enough?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by blackmath, Oct 30, 2011.


    blackmath Member

    I have a 96w T5 light thats 2 feet by 1 foot with four bulbs in it.
    My plants seem to be doing great under it for now besides my inability to check the ph of my water.

    But can someone tell me if this light is enough for my plants to bud? Im afraid I wont have enough light to fully grow 4 plants.

    Ill post pictures, some are of my plants currently, one shows the light. Oh and thats not where I'm officially growing, Ive built a grow room since.
    By the way, how are they lookin?? IMG_2192.jpg IMG_6165.jpg IMG_6001.jpg IMG_8064.jpg
    Tran Dinh

    Tran Dinh Well-Known Member

    ive grown under T5s, seedlings and early veg, not sure of my watts though but i had a bunch of them 8 x 4ft
    They make nice node spaces, lovely green stout plants but they they do start to suffer as they get taller.
    peeps do produce some buds with T5s but its hardly ideal
    Sorry i cant tell you more then that cheers

    jawbrodt Well-Known Member

    Well, yes, you can grow some nice buds under T5's, done properly, and....No, that's not enough light for 4 plants. It's enough for 2 plants, if you keep them small. Remember, light loses intensity very fast, which means you have to keep em as close as possible. I ran T5's before, and didn't have any trouble with heat, unless the plants actually touched the bulbs. So, I'd keep them at 1", or a bit closer, if you can. Also, when you do that, you're not going to be able to fit 4 plants under that light, only 2, if they're both about 12" wide(give or take a couple inches).

    If I were you, I'd start reading up on LST, SCROG, or supercropping, then decide which route you want to go. Any of those will work well. The key, is keeping your canopy even, and your plant heigth down(preferrably less than 20"), allowing to keep you light as close to ALL the tops, as possible. That's how ya get max yield, using tube fluoros.

    I can tell ya right now, your lights are too far away, by the way the plants look. Take a peek at mine, I use T8's, which aren't as effective as T5's CAN be. These pics are taken 9 days apart....

    oct 18th 002.jpg oct 18th 001.jpg oct 29th 002.jpg
    oct 29th 003.jpg

    jcdws602 Well-Known Member

    T5 can grow some good bud,just get the right spectrum for flowering when you start flowering....that light wont be suffice for 4 plants.....1 nice size plant or 2 smaller ones....also you might want to put the light in a corner or some type of reflective material around it so your plants get as much of that light on them.....

    blackmath Member

    Well the biggest plant in the picture was grown outside in that pot for about a month and has been under that light for about 2 weeks. I have the light about two inches away from my biggest plant because it seems to be growing fast and one night grew so much one tip of a leaf had gotten burned from touching a bulb. But I have the smaller plants raised up on boxes to be 2-3 inches away from it. I'm planning on getting one or two CFL's to throw in on the side to help. But thanks for the help man, your plants look wicked good, especially only after 9 days. I'll look into those methods too
    Tran Dinh

    Tran Dinh Well-Known Member

    the lack of heat is the best thing thing about t5 i agree, i kept the light right on top of mine, theyd occasionally grow into the tubes and get little burnt spots.

    PetFlora Well-Known Member

    To learn how to get the most from T 5 go to Pr0fessuers thread- LED Without LEDs- MY First T 5 Grow.

    With coral bulbs you should be able to grow 3 bushes or 4-6 cola geno-types

    blackmath Member

    Does anyone think the 12/12 from seed method or 12/12 from 2 week old plant would turn out okay with this light? I figure, if I grow it too big for the light, the lower bud sites wont get light, resulting in less quality buds. But if I don't grow them that big, I figure that the weed I would get out of putting it on a 12/12 very early will produce the same amount of bud (maybe a little less) but it wouldn't be so wispy and scrawny buds. Kinda hard to explain what I mean but there's some smart people in here.

    True or false?

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