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T5 Flowering Results!

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by 1weedz4, Jan 30, 2012.


    1weedz4 Well-Known Member

    hey. I just wanted to post some pics of my girls under a 4ft 8 bulb T5 setup. I had 3 Sour Flower Sativa which was my favorite it smelt like fruity pebbles. that is the pic of the nug. and i also had 3 White Fire which was some damn good Indica. I used fox farm ocean forest soil, topped once and supercropped a few branches. My yield from the sativas were just over an ounce off each plant so i had more than 3oz ( i could of trained em more) and the yield from the indicas were a little over 4oz all together. I use grow big, big bloom, and tiger bloom for nutrients. ive already dried these, cured em. right now i have 6 more plants under the T5s. they are about to get ready to go into flowering and i was thinking about getting another light setup to put on the side anyone ever tried that? I also have a huge grow tent im setting up with a couple hps. ill post pics. happy growing!
    photo.JPG photo(3).JPG
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    kingsofstate Well-Known Member

    Wow man that looks great. Do you have other grows using other lights to compare the t5 to? Been curious the difference in quality. I know you will loose some quantity, but if the strength was the same in the end then I'm using a t5 for my first grow
    DQ Blizzard

    DQ Blizzard Active Member

    Looks good, 7 oz is awesome....

    I just pulled about 5oz off my first T5 flowering (8 plants total) I hadn't planned on using this light when I vegged but it's all I could run in my house. Looks great, I'm hopeful I will get 7oz off my next run, I had some unforeseen issues that stunted growth on a few.
    Filthy Phil

    Filthy Phil Well-Known Member

    Thats pretty nice man, well done. Good utilization of a t5 setup

    1weedz4 Well-Known Member

    thanks! ya if ur doin ur first grow def go with some T5's i hella like em because they dont use as much enery as hps lights. I have a grow tent im gonna set up with 2 600w hps but first with the crop i have i might buy another 8 bulb t5 setup so ill have both of them goin while i flower. so with both t5 set ups (16 bulbs) ill have over 800w hope fully i can pull a pound. the hps lights will produce more once i get them set up tho. i think hps will almost always get you more yield depending how you do it. i top LST and suppercrop.

    1weedz4 Well-Known Member

    @ DQ Blizzard do you have the 8 bulb setup? i yielded 7.5oz off 6 plants with topping and suppercropping i think you can get more
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    DQ Blizzard

    DQ Blizzard Active Member

    I know I can get more, there were several mistakes (is it a mistake when you know whats wrong but can't fix it?). Vegged too long under 2bulb T5 and in too small containers while I waited for my 8bulb T5 to arive... will be much better this time.

    perry420 Active Member

    Still pretty good yield. Awesome buds man. That indica is gonna be awesome--
    Lucius Vorenus

    Lucius Vorenus Well-Known Member

    Which bulbs are you running in those fixtures?

    lime73 Weed Modifier

    +Rep :clap:

    rene112388 Well-Known Member

    hey man awesome pic's i love t5s! i used a t5 with 4 bulbs that i used for side lighting works great! im very interested in seeing more :)
    DQ Blizzard

    DQ Blizzard Active Member

    Ran with the cool whites that came on first run, picking up 5 red spectrum and keeping 3 cool whites soon.
    Lucius Vorenus

    Lucius Vorenus Well-Known Member

    Which ones?

    TWS Well-Known Member

    Impressive colas!

    THC888 Active Member

    Nice bro here are my babys under the same T5 as well 1 month and 5 days into flower used maxi gro for veg and tiger bloom for flower[​IMG]

    agenttokie Active Member

    Man very very nice!!! I been considering using T5's for a grow being I have an area that a 4ft 8 bulb fixture would fit in perfect and I have used the area before so I already have a scog built for it.

    +rep good job man.

    bigv1976 Well-Known Member

    H ere is a little scrog I did with T5 start to finish.

    Attached Files:


    1weedz4 Well-Known Member

    Nice. Ya that indica was def top shelf. during veg i use 6 cool bulbs and 2 warm and when i flower i use 6 warm and 2 cool for denser buds.

    1weedz4 Well-Known Member

    damn those are some good pics. i want to put another setup and flower the ones i have right now and hopefully i can get a pound out of it and sell one of the t5 systems for some 600w hps ill have in my grow tent.

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