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t5 ballast questions

Discussion in 'CFL / Fluorescent Lighting' started by Chiggachamp, Dec 2, 2012.


    Chiggachamp Active Member

    i bought a t5 2' 4 bulb light fixture from my local hydroshop. that was 4 months ago and since then the shop got sold to new owners. same store just new owners. would they warrenty my ligt as it should come with a 1 yr no hassle warranty.
    my problem is 1 light outta the 4 works fine the other 3 work but are really dull. switxhed the bulb and its still the same. really really dull. thinking its my ballast.
    has any one switched a ballast on these?

    bowlfullofbliss Well-Known Member

    they'll probably just tell you to contact the manufacturer i would think. a new store very rarely will handle any outstanding business from the previus owners, its usually a completly different company, perhaps doing business under the same name, even if that.
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    Chiggachamp Active Member

    I was looking at ballast on the inter webzzz after I figured out it was the wasn't the sockets and they wanted 50 bones plus shipping Went to the bulb man in my city had a ballast in stock for 35 bones.
    No schematic so wiring up the bitch was hard. Took me 5 min to put in and about 1 hr switching wires around from socket to socket til I got all my lights working. Really easy now I've done it once.
    Glad I saved my 110 dollar light for 35 bones.
    Thanks again for at least replying I figured the new company would tell me that. So I didn't bother.

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