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Symptoms of Over Watering

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by scapolo, Dec 27, 2007.


    scapolo Active Member

    Friends, any advice would be greatly appreciated. This is my third go around at growing and it seems like every time I get into the 2nd or 3rd week of flowering everything goes to pot (no pun intended)

    The Setup

    I am using a black 5 gal reservoir with a submersible pump and air stone to oxygenated the distilled nutrient solution. I am using BC grow, BC boost, BC flower products per their recommendations. On top of the 5 gal bucket rests a 3.5 gal bucket holding the plant/roots in a net pot with hydroton pebbles. I devised my own feed ring surrounding the plant that drips nutrient 3 times/day on a timer for 1/2 hour each time only when the light in on. I am using 125W dual spectrum red/blue light (12 on 12 off) which may be the problem so I have a 400W HPS light on order. Temp is around 70 during the day about 65 at night humidity around 28%, I do not have a CO2 sys yet.

    The Symptoms

    As I mentioned earlier, leading into flowering the plant is awesome. After the second week in the flowering cycle the lower to mid fan leaves have significantly drooped and started to curl looks like the plant is slowly dying but what concerns me most is the small tiny buds in the 4th week of flowering, they just do not fill in on the stalk as pictures I've seen on this terrific site of other plants in the same stages of flowering. I suspect I was over watering the plant (used to water 6 times/day for an hour at a time) and the 125W wasn't enough juice to form big buds. Just wondering if anyone else has run across these problems? any advice on the set-up and fix would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    whswakboardz71 Well-Known Member

    are u ok with that power strip over that bucket?? i hope theres no water in it.

    scapolo Active Member

    No there no water in the bucket, just used as a way to get it off the ground in case of a leak

    kayasgarden Well-Known Member

    i let mine dry out good before watering but i have never done the hydro thing? But lighting has alot to do with how big the buds grow, stick to one or get bigger lights

    McKush Active Member

    i think you're over watering for sure. with hydro you barely need to water because the roots are already in water and absord pretty much all the water they need. watering so much gives you root rot. over watering is a very common problem for noobs

    unity Well-Known Member

    From what I have learned you can not drown your plants in hydro as long as you have an air-stone that keeps enough oxygen in the roots. I thought I had a over-watering problem too but it turned out that one of my air-stones was not producing :(
    The light relates to your bud size, as well as the strand (stivas flower up to 14 weeks, I'm in the 3rd week and I have only white hairs under a 600hps)
    Your stem looks to be a bit of a mess, could be the pic though. I also would cut the wilting stuff off the plant, those wilted leafs are no good.
    What's your ph? what do you feed them?

    Good luck,

    my first grow: http://www.rollitup.org/hydroponics-aeroponics/40273-my-first-hydro-w-pics.html

    brasmith Well-Known Member

    I recently took down my hydro and went to a soil grow. One thing I learned with my hydro set up is that it is impossible to over water girls in a hydro/hydroton system because their entire root system lives in water, and they can't drown, kinda like how a fish can not drown in water.

    The girls, however, can be over or under fed. Over fed would happen if too much nutes were given. That can be fixed by changeing you resevior water and decreasing the amount of nutes, fresh water, fresh nutes. Under fed happens when the ph is too high thus blocking the plants ability to absorb any of the nutes you add to your water.

    keep us posted

    weedstock2010 Member

    ok soo i have a similar problem don't mean to steal the thread or anything but my plant is about 15 days out of the ground and i think i might of forgot to use bottled water and used tap water and used quite a bit on my plant about 5 hours ago and now pretty much all of the leaves are looking droopy this is defenitely ever watering right?

    weedstock2010 Member

    might i ad it already is starting to grow it's 11th 12th and 13th leaves:)

    quietguy420 Well-Known Member

    Hydro requires you to leave a gap of air between the water and the top roots. Even with an air stone, the plant needs "oxygen roots". Just lower your water level, the drop watering is more than sufficient to get those roots growing down into the water. Maybe you accidentally put too much water in the reservoir last time you topped it off.

    robaries Member

    I have a 6 plant system with water running to it constantly. I'm using peat rocks as soil. I have them on a 18 hrs. daylight and 6 off. How often should I water my plants?

    NoDrama Well-Known Member

    This thread is FOUR YEARS OLD! STOP POSTING!!!!!

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