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Sylvania 150w HPS

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by prvme86, Mar 20, 2008.


    prvme86 Active Member

    Just bought the bulb, realized when i got home you cant plug this into a normal outlet, whats the cheapest adapter to get it up and running? Can I get it at lowes/homedepot?

    Techna Well-Known Member

    a ballest to support an HPS light

    you cant just get an "adapter" for a HPS light

    it needs a ballest.

    prvme86 Active Member

    i know i might sound like an idiot but is a ballast something that you plug into the wall and then plug the bulb in the other end? when i look up a ballast for the 150 bulb i just see a bunch of electrical wiring looks super complex.

    overfiend HeavyMetalHippie

    1 Light Dusk-to-Dawn Metal Halide
    here is the one i use for vegging clones when they are rooted it has the ballast built in
    larger light setups will have the ballast seperate from the hood and socket.

    this light is made to go on outside when it gets dark out so you have to tape out a sensor on top of the light for it to work

    BigBudBalls Well-Known Member

    Time to just buy a complete lamp.

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