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Swollen Calyxes or Pollinated plant?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by zags, Jul 30, 2007.


    zags Active Member

    I've just trimmed my fan leaves tonite and will begin the final harvesting/drying process tomorrow.

    While I was looking over the plant, I got my hands on it pretty good to examine up close and was a tad concerned about what looks like seeds developing.

    I busted one of the pods open and there was some material in it. I didn't take a picture to show you, but I wouldn't necessarily say it looked like a seed. But then again it wasn't completely empty either, or full of resin or anything like that.

    I've attached some pics, what are some of your thoughts?


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    CannaBoss Well-Known Member

    It looks like you had a hermie in the mix. Is that Sour Diesel?

    zags Active Member

    Actually it was my only plant, and my very first plant grow also.

    While it did get irregular light starting into it's about its second week of flowering (that was when I got it and didn't have more than a single and OLD, fluorescent tube to light it for about a week.) I did check the plant thoroughly for any hermie balls and didn't see any. But like I said, this was also my first grow, so maybe I missed something.

    When I crack that pod, what would a seed look like? Would it be hard to bust open, what would be inside if it was a seed and if it was, cross fingers, a swollen calyxe.

    Re: strain, I'm not really sure. I got it about two weeks into flowering, as best I can determine, and was told it was either OG or Master Kush; are those sativa strains. Since I definitely know it's some type of a sativa.

    CannaBoss Well-Known Member

    Hermies can also just be a small yellow spike at first,located in the center of the buds, then it opens into a flower and pollenates the surrounding calyxes.
    Depending on the age of the seed, it will be a liquid inside at first, then begins to whiten and harden, then it ripens to a brownish-grey with dark tiger-like stripes. Some will have orange or rust colored hues.

    I've never grown OG, I have master kush in veg at 8 inches. But I think they are hybrids.

    loserkid1141 Active Member

    Ive just finished reading a book by Ed Rosenthal that mentioned something about how unpollinated buds swell when they are ripe just as if they had a seed. A false pregnancy if you will.

    abudsmoker Well-Known Member

    No no that plant has seeds and it was pollinated.

    zags Active Member

    I guess that is what happened, is there someway to identify early on?

    I'm sure I must've aggravated the situation/spread the pollen that is, because of shaking the tree, occasionally trying to see if my whiteflies were still around.

    I just trimmed the plant today and am beginning drying it. So I had some nice up close time with the colas. If I had to estimate, I'd say on two or three of colas, there is what appears to be a little cluster within the colas of some obvious seed development. But it doesn't seem wide spread.

    Is that wishful thinking, as perhaps the other buds also got pollinated? Or is it possible the pollination was limited to a few select areas?

    CannaBoss Well-Known Member

    It is possible. I usually just pick off any male pollen flower before they have a chance to open.
    If you're late in flower and they are pollenated, the glands won't swell as much neither will the calyx.

    wafflehouselover Well-Known Member

    can you take the picture again without the hps on because that light makes it really hard to see. Also if you can take out that thing you see inside and put it onto a hard surface and take a picture of it.
    Lord Dangly Bits

    Lord Dangly Bits Well-Known Member

    I have had total female plants before that had kind of like glands that looked like seed sacks. I almost cut these plants down, when I first had it happen. But I have seen it more then once, a female plant swelling some kind of gland or something that looks liks seeds, but once you go the full stage, they are just part of the bud... No seed at all.

    I am not saying this is what he has, just what I have had happen 2 times now.

    Try this one. I had a grwo of 3 female plants. I got about 5.5 OZ's out of these plants. From all this bud, there was ONE seed found.. Only one. How did this happen? Still wondering if this seed will germ. it looks very healthy. I have it in a small glass viel.

    VirginHarvester Well-Known Member

    If he did get a hermie pop a pollen sack or two will it infect the entire plant or just a small portion?

    And, since he's harvesting soon and if those are seeds that aren't developed they wouldn't have degraded the potency of the week all that much right?

    aussu Active Member

    hey I have a similiar case, My plant has just shown swollen calyxes that have trichs, but some of the calyxes are pretty fat, not def seed shape but somewhat spherical. Just wondering weather it's just fat or if I need to worry about seeding, and if that is the case, is there anything I can do to ensure that all of the plant doesnt end up this way?

    atmt888 Well-Known Member

    Those are definitely seeds. I have had many plants that about a month into flowering would get calyxes so big that they looked seeded. I busted a couple open and found them to be hollow with what looked just like a tiny green seed. These "seeds" were actually the unpollinated ovules of the plant. Later these ovules either swelled with resin and fill up the calyx or get pollinated and turn into a seed but for at least a week or two they look like they could be seeded but aren't.
    green leaf 7

    green leaf 7 Member

    hey Whats up guy i have a ? can you still smoke a hermi or is it not any good sould it be thrown in the garbage after 5 week of flowering?
    green leaf 7

    green leaf 7 Member

    so is the bud in a hermi still smokable or is it garbage ?i just wanna know cause i have a hermi train wreck 4 weeks in sold i keep it or throw away she or he looks really good just a hermi?

    Ronjohn7779 Well-Known Member

    If it's a hermy its still very smokable. The pollination just kind of hurt your yields and potency. Because there was a switch from THC production to seed production. Best to remove the male sex organs and continue on as if nothing has happened.

    calibob Well-Known Member

    Seeds for sure, sometimes they will only show on a bud or two. This can happen if you flower some plants to long, they will pollinate themselves. A hermie but not really.

    cackpircings Well-Known Member

    That’s not what happens dude, get your facts straight damn it! It is from funky light cycles you damn turkey!

    2footbuds Active Member

    i have the exact same thing. 2 calyxs had stigmas coming out then, they fell off and the calyxs swelled to about the size of a seed. i popped one, it was hollow and had a green colored liquid in it. someone diagnose the problem,and tell me how to fix it. hope this info helps a little.

    Mrpothead Member

    Hey dude, I know this thread is from awhile ago, but I am in the same postion now..now sure if I should harvest early (8 weeks in 12/12 now) and hope the seed production doesn't do too much damage...what did you end up doing and how was the smoke?

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