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switch from flower to veg?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by chknhwk, Jul 18, 2009.


    chknhwk Well-Known Member

    k so i have a plant that hass been in flower about 3weeks and i was just today given some dank clones 2 big bud 1 bubble gum 1 og kush x g13 and 1 more dont rember what it is at the moment they where cut yesterday and i know i need to be putting them under 24 hr lights for a bit, but i only have one grow space just harvested 3 midgets which where only like 5 in tall but back to what i was asking will it turn my girk hermi to change her back to veg for awhile till these clones get to size?

    oh and off those three(crapy pics below) got round 22gms wet what will it dry to?

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    chknhwk Well-Known Member

    bump bump bump

    jagresti Active Member

    i dont see why it would be a problem, when you change light cycle you are changing the hormones in the plants so it could stress the plant but it should make it...
    grow space

    grow space Well-Known Member

    you want to but flowering plant back to vegg state-OK.is doable but it will take some long ass time, like a month or so, and they wount go to hermie, but its a just a little little chance, but that happening si really low:)
    it would be easier to get some new clone 4 somewhere else if thats possible or some seeds.let those babys flower:peace:

    good luck.

    chknhwk Well-Known Member

    i did get some clones thats why i need to switch my light cycle i dont really care if it gets any bigger i just wanna veg my clones and only 1 light so i gota do that i guess ima leave my other girl in their instead of trying to take her out at a set time every day since im not their

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