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Sweetest Bud?

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by NationalForest420, Mar 14, 2009.


    NationalForest420 Well-Known Member

    Lets hear the opinion on sweetest smelling and sweetest tasting bud. You can name one for just sweetest smell or taste. Doesn't have to meet both requirements.

    DubRules Well-Known Member

    right now im smoking joint of sweet island skunk. got it from the dispensary last night and have been loving it. my sense of smell is awful but i can detect a slightly sweet smell. everyone else says its really sweet. smokes great. really smooth. dominantly sativa, gives soaring highs. especially when eaten with a ganja peanutbutter cup. haha.

    justatoker New Member

    i heard sweet tooth is.. but i dont know for sure

    FTPR33 Active Member

    Theres a strain thats been going round my town for a while its called "Tooty Fruity" & it tastes very nice!
    Have growin a few clones of it indoors & had some outdoor seedlings bout 2 years ago it happens to be the best tasting & smelling weed ive ever come across!
    Gives me happy highs it seems to lose a bit of weight when drying but overall its good stuff!
    I dont know if its an actual strain or if its some mongrel weed someones put a name on as ive never seen it on any seed banks
    but uh.. Its still good whatever the fuk it is haha

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