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Sweet Seeds Black Cream, Red Poison, and Dark Devil

Discussion in 'Auto-Flowering Strains' started by LoRd MeGaTR0N31, Apr 22, 2013.

    LoRd MeGaTR0N31

    LoRd MeGaTR0N31 Well-Known Member

    Has any one grew Sweet Seeds Black Cream, Red Poison, or Dark Devil? Im thinking of purchasing I just cant find any reviews of the 3 Strains. If any one has pics of growing these strains please post.

    Nuddyduddy Member

    Wondering if you ever did the Dark Devil...I am germinating a couple right now

    Southernhempshire New Member

    I have four black creams going now,and there stunning looking ladies. 3 have done the full on purple and one has purple stems and leaves but normal colour heads. The purple ones smell like a sweet shop i visited as a kid,really pleasant sweet candy. The non purple one has a smell that reminded me of jack flash from 10 years ago.Unfortunately mine have only been on 12/12 from start as there in with photos,but they still have more on them than the last autos i did that had loads more light offered to them.

    All of mine are definite sativa dom in growth and head development.
    Also got a cream caramel and 4 big devils in with them and there all very good,sweet seeds have proved to me there is a place for autos,even if its just throwing a few in with your photos to get some different flavours and colours going.
    Id highly recommend getting them. Ill put a few pics up tomorrow.

    maarouf.bekdash Active Member


    hoss12781 Well-Known Member

    I did all three of them. Most of the finished product is up in smoke. They're great, hold their color, and flower fast. Got on avg bout 1 & 1/2 oz off each one. The smoke was legendary. I love the new stuff from Sweet Seeds, their older autos however left a little to be desired.
    LoRd MeGaTR0N31

    LoRd MeGaTR0N31 Well-Known Member

    I have two red poison's going right now. one that is 2 weeks old and one that is 2.5 weeks from harvest. They really do change color

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