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sweet purple (paradise) and moby dick smoke report

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by onewize1, Oct 24, 2010.


    onewize1 Well-Known Member

    I have beenn lookin for info on these two strains the whole time i have grown them but i can offer a little info.

    Sweet purple
    Good cloning strain stretches about 50% (i have a sativa pheno whose calyxes start turning pink and magenta with streaks of purple around the third week) buds are real airy and anything below the canop is jus a stem with 7 calyxes "running" along it.

    the buds however gain a lot of girth even without optimum conditions ad spreading the canoppy evenly while lollipopping is the best option. roots are very vigorous thropughout growth and she can take a fair share of feeding.

    after buds dry they turn from the pinkish color to a more suitable purple. the taste is a subtle perfume/floral taste that smells like a memory of my mom from early cjhildhood but very subtle. taste improves with cure becomig a little sweeter. harvest between 8 9 weeks. small clones around 7 and a half. stems were very thin and, well not strong but it surprised me how much they put on those thin stems. so make sure you support them and still keep a fan on them though they look feeble they are going to push their branches past the limit. high is that of an all day smoke. high is very heady and lasts for about 2 hours though i never keep track. the let down is slightly physical but not debilitating. really feels like some ok mid. nothing really strong but i like it because i dont want a lot of powerful stuff. ill keep cloning it til i find something with a better (defined) taste and similar effect (sativa).

    moby dick
    indica pheno as described by site (sweeter)

    vegs with very strong stems very symmetrical. also very good for cloning very vigorous roots. grows vvery quickly when flowered it stretches about 75%(passed my light.) This is from very bad conditions 90s touching the light the plant was treated poorly. never the less dinafems genetics are strong.it didnt put on the girth i hoped but still gave me 2 and some ounces of incredibly sweet smelling buds. i have a pure kush plant that smells of lemons and diesel but this smells like straight up candy mouth wateriing candy. at the finish the smell gets stronger and after a week or so of drying the buds come out as little nuggets of light crystally glazed popcorn. this shit fucking sparkles both when it grows andd after its dry i really mean like tiny little diamonds with their own individual rainbow glistening. any ways the taste is very complex not to mention the notice of haze from its finishing (grows forever "lingering" if it wants) to that fucking taste a sweet almost vomit taste but not quite their with a slight skunk funk and i mean i taste different shit every time as it cures with that same sweet vomitty skunk funk. its like marijuanas everlasting gobstopper the flavor keeps changing

    overall it is great smoking. im sure now that everything is dialed in i will be getting outrageous sized buds from both of these and after i was thinkin about getting chocolate chunk and something else.

    A note for the sweeet purple. It would probably work better outside because there is more light and probably no need for lollipoppinn if you havve probably seeen with some michigan growers. and even though i may say something isnt smoking its always better than the mids and reg on the street. i hope i helped some people and if there are any more questions i would be glad to try and answer them

    4x4 area
    600 watt aircooled hps
    temp around97 f (there were times where exhaust came undone and temps rose to outstanding levels above 100 for like a week because of my neglect and shit but i wont let it happen again temps dialed in at 80 now) plants werent more than a foot away and now they are at 18"
    botanicare pure blend organic based grow, pureblend bloom for first two weeks of flower, pureblend bloom for soil for the rest of flowering. hydroplex throughout flowering. i have some more started up and i will be reporting the differences. on sweet purple one moby dick 3 pk andone frosty tops as well as a friends mix of ghs hawaiian snow and a northern calif pure kush. cant wait to start that

    Peace be unto you

    onewize1 Well-Known Member

    dont know if i included this but so far the sp isnt really special besides that it is purple.the taste really isnt that good to me. but on a better note i smoked a strain called frosty tops that knocks me out. i smoked that and then smoked sweet purple after and i woke up.its kinda like my cigarette i guess. i could smoke it all day but the favor would make it a little better.

    by the way responses and rep are all welcome
    Anita Bhonghitt

    Anita Bhonghitt Active Member

    How's the high from the Moby Dick? Stoney, heady?? I've still got a freebie M.Dick seed that I have not popped yet and I've had good luck with my Dinafem freebies so far...

    onewize1 Well-Known Member

    i really like the snow im really no expert in describing a lot of tastes but its complex and sometimes taste like different shit. but its all good. the high to me is not that stoney at times i dont notice the come down. its reeally operable enjoyable but you definitely feel it and it doesnt put me to sleep

    onewize1 Well-Known Member

    its best to train top fim and all the thoseos will come out nice and long and crystally and chunky

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