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Sweeden Legalized and Regulates Cannabis

Discussion in 'Marijuana News From Around The Globe' started by nattybongo, Dec 19, 2011.


    nattybongo Active Member


    Ganyamen Member

    My wife is from Sweden, she can't believe it.

    jamesmartin Member

    Yess . when one door closes (Amsterdam) another opens !

    Scandinavian countries always seem to get it just right . Their whole political system . I feel it puts the people first . Unlike the US and some other countries .

    purklize Active Member

    Looks like a hoax.

    nattybongo Active Member


    mtgeezer Well-Known Member

    The madness has to end somewhere and Sweden is not the first nation to admit the "war on marijuana" is a losing cause. Spain allows private, at-home usage and cultivation and in Portugal, while it is not legal public drug use is not legal but they treat drug users as medical patients and offer counseling and drug aversion therapy. People are going to do what people are going to do whatever it may be. It's time to put cannabis use into proper perspective.

    Weedasaurus Well-Known Member

    Sweden is going to be swimming in gold soon.


    drohy Member

    its bs... the article is fake... mere intoxication is a crime and gives u a fine and gets u in the system...

    objektiv Well-Known Member

    its a fake,it all started here with a cancer sick man,he got a recipt from a german doctor that wright out canabisoil to him for the pain because he feels better with it than morphine. but always when he camed from germany the customs took it awayfrom him,but from 1 st nov 2011 its allowed to have it ifyou are really sick (almost dead) and you have to buy it from pharmacy etc germany or so,and a doctor from germany and sweden have to allowed ,but just in the form of cannabisoil,we have one the worlds hardest laws against using drugs.
    if the police take urine sample from you and its positiv you will be ticked or prison for that,but if you say you have smoked or used the drug in a country there its legal for example smoked a joint in amsterdam its ok,,but have done it in sweden its NOT ok,that is a strange rule/law in EU,

    objektiv Well-Known Member


    objektiv Well-Known Member

    hers a text about a sativex mouthspray:
    Sativex är godkänt i Sverige som läkemedel vid behandling av MS enligt GW Pharmaceuticals.

    Sativex som innehåller THC och CBD, är avsedd att användas som behandling för spasticitet orsakat av MS (ofrivilliga rörelser orsakade av Multipel Skleros). GW Pharmaceuticals är tillverkaren. Företaget Almirall kommer att stå för marknadsföringen i Sverige.

    Här är en översättning av ett klipp från pressmeddelandet:

    GW tillkännagav idag att Läkemedelsverket i Sverige har beviljat godkännande för Sativex® (Delta-9-tetrahydro-cannabinol (THC) och Cannabidiol (CBD)) munhålespray som en behandling av måttlig till svår spasticitet på grund av MS hos patienter som inte svarat tillräckligt på andra anti-spastiska mediciner. Sativex® är en förstklassig endocannabinoid-modulator och är för närvarande tillgänglig i Storbrittanien, Tyskland, Spanien och Danmark.

    Lanseringen av Sativex® i Sverige beräknas ske under första halvåret 2012 efter genomförandet av en nationell prissättning. Sativex® kommer att marknadsföras i Sverige av GW:s marknadsföringspartner, Almirall SA.

    Källa: GW Pharmaceuticals

    Dokkedal Member

    yeah but it looks like medical has been legalized i Sweden now..

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