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Swat Team Kills Family Dog, Victim Is Charged With Possesion Of a Bong

Discussion in 'Marijuana News From Around The Globe' started by deprave, May 7, 2010.


    KDrumkit Active Member

    This is so wrong on so many levels...government sanctioned domestic terrorism, flint!! The cops had to know how f'd up this was once they entered the house, yet not one had the balls to stand up for what is right (which I was wrongly under the impression is their basic job description) and instead they circle the wagons and make up shit to protect their egomaniac asses. Sickening!! Body armor doesn't make a doughboy into a superhero, sorry boys, you've been watching way too much television. Should these meatheads have guns? What, 10 feet away maybe, and they miss their target which certainly should not have been a target in the first place and shoot a Corgi? Pathetic!! Thanks for the share depraved, I'm spreading it around and hope everyone else does too, K...

    ColoradoLove Well-Known Member

    Uh pot isn't legal in Amsterdam, the law just isn't enforced. Pot isn't legal anywhere, except maybe California, in November!

    You a med patient? Or do they not enforce growing laws either?

    raverguy Well-Known Member

    you forget that there is a "war on drugs" and as long as there is a war the police will continue to use the same tactics that are used in Iraq and Afghanistan. in both of those countries all it takes is a snitch and then u have good old uncle sam with some local military come and fuck shit up looking for "terrorist"

    i dont think cops are justified in the force that they choose to use.

    if cops died every time they served warrants (or close to it) i could see how they could feel justified in using the tactics they use now. but they do not.

    cops just like to beat on those that cant really fight back and have gotten used to it.
    cops have no integrity they only look out for each other.
    cops are capable of worse deeds then the ones they were set out to fix.

    anxious1 Member

    i almost cried. hearing the dogs scream when they were wounded with the first two shots. and then another 5 to finish it? this is sickening.
    Maui Waui

    Maui Waui Active Member

    really disgusting, whos to say that next time it wont be a kid instead of a dog.
    M0de Grow

    M0de Grow Active Member

    I cant wait to cali legalizes it and they feel fucking retarded if they already dont
    sven deisel

    sven deisel Well-Known Member

    i say if everyone who has been told they only have so long to live goes on a cop killing spree that would put some fear in those cock suckers. i hope i have a forwarning of death my shit list is long

    sublimed Well-Known Member

    seeing things like this is what makes me find it so hard to keep my mouth shut and my fists un-clenched when approached or detained by cops..


    bigv1976 Well-Known Member

    Dont write your frustrations here. Write them to the Cheif and send it to the address I posted.

    Murfy Well-Known Member

    these fuckin retards can't remember the miranda rights, they need a card?-

    divided we will fall, time to get over the petty shit, and start hating the police

    ChronicTron Active Member

    And people wonder why there a such strong disgust for police id wanna blow up the fucking precinct if they shot my dog thats just fucked up if the cops just call me ahead of time id put him in his cage no prob them we can sit and discuss it plus alot of the are jus ass hole for the sake of it the frist day i met my nieghbor i was smoking a blunt in front of hime and he's a cop and a few days later i met his wife and we smoked while he made us dinner some of those cops are cool but sum are robtic fucktard republican pigs

    ChronicTron Active Member

    Most of them!

    jfa916 New Member

    i hate the swap they only fight small crimes never the big ones when there trained 4 big crimes my cousin is in the swat

    stickyicky666 Active Member

    wow fucking ridiculous, i hate hearing dogs yelp, i got 2 and the pd would have a molotov through their fucking window if they shot one of mine, had a cop tell me if i took my ass off the bumper of my truck(while they were searching it) again he was going to taze me, think i was 17 at the time

    stickyicky666 Active Member

    found this video to, it was in the related videos
    kid fell off a bridge, broke his back, so police tazed him 19 times, people that are lying on the ground with a broken back are threats now too i guess

    smith08 Member

    was it a bong of mass destruction?
    It appears they thought....

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