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Surge protector keeps cutting off

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by kjc0314, Apr 30, 2009.


    kjc0314 Well-Known Member

    One of my surge protectors cuts off after 10 mins of having a few things plugged in, but it can be switched right back on and doesn't switch the breaker off... Is this protector just not capable of using that much electricity? Any way around this?

    dgk4life Well-Known Member

    just get a new one i had this prob its overloaded and has a safety so it shuts all or one thing off once its over loaded. i had one do this but it would only turn off one or two things for a feww minutes then kick em back on and then do it again.

    Jriggs Well-Known Member

    they shut off from a surge of energy. If you have things turning on and off thats why. what you should have is a power strip not a surge protector.

    dgk4life Well-Known Member

    most power strips are surge protectors

    Jriggs Well-Known Member

    youjust have to research what you have -- its doing whzt it is suposed to do..

    i run a 7000 btu ac unit, 3 small fans 1 large a squirel fan a 400 watt hps and a 250 watt off 1 extension cord -- with power strips for most but the surge jsut for fans... if i plug em in hte surge they shut it off the second the ac kicks on from a surge.

    tokinman Well-Known Member

    i hope it is a really heavy gauge cord or your house is gonna burn :( seems like a lot of crap to run off of one cord.. WOW..

    to the OP, your surge protector should have an amp rating on it. more than likely you are just running one too many things on it. if you are good for 10 mins and it flips off, unplug a fan or something because you are just a little over what you can safely run off the strip. you could also get a heavy duty power strip/surge protector that you could run whatever off of.

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