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Discussion in 'Organics' started by 420forme, Mar 30, 2010.


    420forme Active Member

    I got a free bottle of superthrive with an order I placed online. Does anyone use this stuff? Is it different that super plant tonic?

    cannatari Active Member

    I use it to feed seedlings and cuttings only. Only use a few drops per liter.
    Blazed Hippie

    Blazed Hippie Active Member

    is superthrive organic?
    Mr. Blue

    Mr. Blue Active Member

    I dont think it is organic. Its like adding racing fuel to your plants.
    SuperThrive/Maricle-gro.. I try to stay away from these and only use what other growers seem to recomend the most. Like Flora and Ionic nutes... Fox farm soil and all other well known organic nutrients. Dont try and push your plants beyond its limits. I once had a friend who used this on an outdoor plant. It was 3 feet tall and only had 5 sets of nodes to it. After topping it, it finished at about 5 feet tall and only produced a light 2 ounces.
    Of course everyone has a different climate, strain, feeding structure etc. that can also effect this growth rate but I dont personally care for the stuff.
    Good luck.
    filter funker

    filter funker Active Member

    Superthrive is vitamin B1 and 1-Napthyl acetic acid, which is not organic. It's extremely concentrated which makes it VERY easy to go overboard on this stuff. 1 drop per gallon is the correct dose. I use it for the first 2 weeks of veg and that's it. helps keep the plant comfortable and stay focused on rooting, which is what most growers want for the first couple of weeks. Products like this definitely have their place, but all the hype tends to make people think it's some magical tonic...

    AquafinaOrbit Well-Known Member

    I think its pretty good shit for younger stages, and no its nothing like SPT.

    420forme Active Member

    2 oz. size
    Superthrive, a favorite of plant lovers. Superthrive is not a fertilizer, but rather a health supplement for plants - even transplants and otherwise distressed plants. Contains a unique mix of 50 vitamins and hormones. Highly concentrated. This is the two once size, also available from me in 1 and 4 once and one pint, quart and gallon sizes. See our store for more.
    Superthrive has been around since it won the only science and industry gold medal known to have been awarded at any official world's fair in 1940. Superthrive today is still unchallanged in its effective use as a plant stimulent, containing 50 vitamins and hormones necessary for healthy plant growth.
    Superthrive is NOT a plant food, but should be used in conjunction with a good fertilizing regimen. It is used for plant heath and maintenance, stress reducer in transplanting and increasing flower blooms, fruit and vegetable production.
    Its uses are endless and most important it is completely ORGANIC in nature. Popular in Hydroponics, orchards, field crops, lawn care, seed germination. Gardeners can benefit by healthier fruit and vegetables, as well as flowers and landscape plants.


    KRONICchiefn Member

    Personaly I love the shit! had a bad transplant where my girl was literally laying for about 5 min then added some ST mixed in some distilled water and my baby still hasnt undergone stress or anything. Actually I have nothing negative to say about ST. Try it out but be sure to not overdo it. A little goes a long way!!:hump:

    blakkmask Well-Known Member

    I like it. Has an awful stink though. And Ive heard if used during bloom, it can prolong flowering.

    themistocles Well-Known Member

    Superthrive is not organic and it's use for marijuana is that it stretches plants out. If you need to lengthen your plants than this is the stuff to use. But it is very potent and not organic.

    AquafinaOrbit Well-Known Member

    Superthrives use for marijuana is far more as a root stimulant then to make a plant stretch. The Auxins, specifically IBA can cause spacing of female flowers which makes the buds appear more spaced, and the Urea is going to be a very high source of N (46%) which could also affect flowering.
    What I get from little lookin around is basically even though its rather old no real studies have been done on it and the ingrediants are still not fully known.


    Is a somewhat controlled test of superthrive, but was just done by some guy so probably not 100% scientific.

    HookdOnChronics Well-Known Member

    I use it mainly in watering my cuttings and recently rooted clones. Work's out GREAT for cuttings! 13 of 13 rooted on the last batch of cuttings taken.

    phishdix Member

    I use it as well, mainly for transplanting clones and watering my mothers before i take cuttings.. you can overload it very easily. after reading this post tho, I am starting to re-think using it.. there has got to be safer options to reduce stress and shock??

    smokefrogg Active Member


    madodah Well-Known Member

    Just out of curiosity, why are people who use and promote superthrive posting in an organic forum?

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