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Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by shiva, Jul 26, 2007.


    shiva Well-Known Member

    Hope someone can help. I'd like to try supercropping my just flowering shiva plants... i can see all the bud sites but my light is limited to one 200W envirolite. I got good buds last grow but want to make them better and denser. If i snip all the main larger 9 and 7 leaf leaves off to reveal the bud sites will this damage the plant too much or will the bud sites grow large enough to make up for the leaves that i lose from pruning?

    would really appreciate anyones advice on this.

    cheers ppl

    kindprincess Well-Known Member

    this is from greg green's cannabis grow bible...

    FIM Technique
    There is a topping method known as the FIM technique. If you push the leaves apart at the very top of the plant you should see a small bud (not flowering bud but an actually leaf bud). Use a pair of nail clippers to pinch off about 3/4 of the bud. This should result in more than two top colas being developed. In a single FIM clipping you can produce up to eight new top colas.
    The origins of this technique are humorous. As the story goes, FIM was discovered accidentally when a grower messed up a topping exercise. FIM stands for: "Fuck I Missed".

    Super Cropping Technique
    Another method of topping is called xSuper Cropping'. By taking a branch between your forefinger and thumb you can gently crush the branch, causing it to develop multiple branches above the crushed area. You must crush it on the correct side or risk breaking the branch. Just squeeze lightly until you feel the branch give, then let go. If it gives easily then you have crushed it on the correct side. If it is hard to crush and the branch splits then you have chosen the wrong side. Practice makes perfect with Super Cropping.

    Super Cropping should be carried out during the second or third week of vegetative growth and does stunt the plant. You should also note that plants that are Super Cropped can remain in the vegetative growth stage for twice as long as normal but the end result is a very bushy plant with multiple node regions that should all produce bud. Many growers have thrown Super Cropped plants away because they believed that the plants were not flowering in time. If you Super Crop your plants make sure that you have the patience to wait until the process is finished which — usually about four to six more weeks of vegetative growth.

    Some people prefer their plants small and wide. Fortunately for them, making cannabis bushes is a simple process. During the third week of vegetative growth prune half the plant's branches. Cannabis plants need at least 50 percent of their leaves in order to continue growing without experiencing fatal stunting problems. If you prune off more than 50 percent of their leaves, you may end up killing your plants.* Do not prune only one side of the plant; prune both sides to achieve the 50 percent. You may also prune the main top cola if you want to split it into two or more parts.

    If the prune cuts you previously made grow new branches and leaves, you may wait until the fourth or fifth week of vegetative growth and prune again, leaving 50 percent growth.

    During the seventh week of vegetative growth you'll notice that your plant has started to grow outward more than upward. Let's say you have a plant with eight shoots. That means it is four nodes high. You prune the plant and end up with 16 shoots, but the plant is still only four nodes high. Now this does not mean that you can keep doubling shoots forever. Pruning merely pushes the plant to grow all of its shoots early. If you keep pruning a plant that is four nodes high until the eighth week of vegetative growth, the greatest number of shoots you will get will be about 32. Most marijuana plants will not grow much beyond this factor, but again this is strain-dependent.

    Now each new shoot has a junction point or a node that it grew from and each node should produce bud during the flowering stages. It is possible to create a marijuana plant that droops over the sides, completely concealing its own pot. With the right strain, it is also possible to have a single plant spread over an entire 6x6 foot space using this method. Creating cannabis bushes usually requires a few additional weeks of vegetative growth.

    shiva Well-Known Member

    this is really helpful, but i need to know how to prune them properly to expose the bud areas before using this technique. Do you have any advice on pruning based on my first question?

    kindprincess Well-Known Member

    it's not a good idea to start pruning your plants now that they are in flower. doing so will shock, stress, and stunt the plant, prolonging flowering, and resulting in overall lower yield.

    nope, sure wouldn't. the fan leaves are the solar panels that collect and and store energy for the plant to metabolize the nutrients it takes in. cutting the fan leaves means smaller buds, not bigger ones.


    VirginHarvester Well-Known Member

    Question: I have a couple plants that got a late start. I'm hoping they hit six nodes soon. When this happens if I FIM wouldn't I likely increase my overall yield if I FIM correctly and get four colas instead of one? And, if I get the increased yield is there any resulting decrease in the quality of the weed? I read something about pruning that made me wonder if they were implying an increase in yield but decrease in quality.

    kindprincess Well-Known Member

    personally, i don't like the fim... it takes too long for the plants to recover. topping imo is much better, as it is faster.

    for you to get multi colas, simply top at your sixth nod. this will give you six main branches, six colas.


    AzGrOw-N-sMoKe New Member

    personally i dont like cutting my plants to achieve a better harvest..what i like to do is take some chickin wire an wrap it around the the planter pot with the top end of the chickin wire serounding the plant then i gentely take stem an leaves an put then threw the slots on the wire....i do this in the second week veg or when the plants is still young...doing this provides better light penatration an increases the overall yeild per plant...i believe this is called LST by some...

    VirginHarvester Well-Known Member

    KP, doesn't topping form two tops or two colas and fimming typically four? Topping could be a nice compromise for me where I double my top yield and don't stress the young plants.

    So topping the sixth node means when your sixth real leaf set(seventh counting cotyledon?) appears you simply cut it off completely above the fifth node?

    Sabud Well-Known Member

    FIM and LSTing

    shiva Well-Known Member

    how has everyone infiltrated my thread with their own questions! Start a new thread if you have new questions!!!

    Well, according to the page in the GrowFAQs above, the supercropping method suggests starting to supercrop when the plant first begins to flower so... who is wrong and who is right???

    So much conflicting information!

    One of my plants has turned out to be male unfortunately so trashed it this morning... the other one is definitely female!

    Additional. I want to stunt the growth as i don't want them to grow any higher... i do want to prolongue the flowering as i'm hoping this will give more time for the plant to repair itself and create stronger 'bodybuilding' plants...

    Can i suggest you all read the supercropping document in the FAQ's and get back to me, you may be surprised...

    still interested to hear all your views on this.

    cheers guys

    p.s. for all you FIM non-believers... this technique worked perfectly for me on my last grow and produced 2 decent colas instead of 1...

    kindprincess Well-Known Member

    supercropping and pruning of leaves for yeild are two different things. supercropping is an art. invovles pinching the stem until it cracks, and the plant will stall for a few weeks. keeps them from growing vertically, but also stunts the hell out of the rest of it...

    pruning leaves; i said what i had to on that one. do whacha like...

    AND.... btw, fim should produce 4-8 tops, not 2, so i wouldnt go on telling others how it worked perfectly for you, because it didn't :p


    kindprincess Well-Known Member


    it's probably also wise to note that the "I" in the faq doesn't mention his or her name, and never shows actual buds or a final yeild. i see many flaws in the article, and i'm going to ask to have it removed from faq.

    bottom line is this, you learn by doing; do what you like, and next time you can alter to improve.


    wafflehouselover Well-Known Member

    trail and error kid, all of us done it and it cost us, now its your time.

    Everything you get on here are only guidelines.

    nongreenthumb Well-Known Member

    I would say let them grow naturally and finish them off.

    Try some supercropping next grow but a bit earlier on.

    shiva Well-Known Member

    Hey all...

    thanks for all your advice and help in this thread...

    kind princess.... I bow to your extreme knowledge and judgement. I'm simply not worthy. What i did was topping! My extreme apologies to all and a thousand hail kind princesses. I topped it. It would have produced 1 cola but after topping two nice strong colas formed in place. So there you go. I was wrong you were right, well done. Typical bloody woman!!! :-)

    Gimme a break though, this is only my 2nd successful grow (successful so far).

    It seems that there are more againsts than fors so go ahead and get that faq removed... I have plenty of bud left to last me so maybe i'm a fool but i'm gonna try pruning low down just a few leaves and supercropping... i thought it was a danger to crack the stem? I thought you just had to pinch and twist until u felt the inside collapse?

    Surely though, if the editors of this site thought it was a bad article they wouldn't have posted it?

    Anyway, if it doesn't work then i'm also going to go with your advice princess of just topping. Thanks. I think I love you.

    VirginHarvester Well-Known Member

    I'm going to look in the FAQ but anyone have pictures or links of a plant before and after supercropping?

    kindprincess Well-Known Member

    i can post up a pic of an after.... my afghan is all bushed out now.

    idealy, you won't break the stem all the way through when you supercrop, but if you do, it's no biggie; the inner stem will heal, and the top of the break will still grow.


    shiva Well-Known Member

    thanks for the tips princess. will bear it in mind!

    have pruned and supercropped... i have time and patience so will see what happens...

    :-) cross fingers... it's a good learning curve at least plus i have plenty to smoke for some time

    shiva Well-Known Member

    nice signature... bloody love that tune.

    VirginHarvester Well-Known Member

    I looked for pics in the FAQ but couldn't locate any so I still don't understand the effect of supercropping. I guess whatever the effect is you have to supercrop each branch you want that effect. And then, I guess the question follows, do you supercrop up the branch(or branches) progressively as it grows out?

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