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Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Cannabis

Discussion in 'Concentrates and Extracts' started by norcalijuana, Dec 9, 2010.


    norcalijuana Member

    I'm interested in obtaining information and small scale equipment sourcing for supercritical extraction of cannabis. For those who are unfamiliar this process uses C02 at low temperatures (when it becomes liquid) pumped under pressure through a pressure vessel with the sample in it to do the extraction. It can be combined with other solvents or used alone.

    I'm trying to rig up an inexpensive system that would process cannabis. Is C02 sufficient to do the extraction or do you need an additional solvent as well? Where can I find the equipment? I know about Eden Labs but they want 70.000 for a 20 liter unit. I think I can piece it together cheaper. Any information or ideas?

    glShemp Active Member


    SCCA Active Member

    about a year ago i spent a bit of time researching this and came to one basic conclusion, it is impossible to find an inexpensive source for this equipment. Even if you are able to lathe the parts yourself, you would still need to buy the high pressure pumps and heaters. then you would have to consider the extreme pressures you will be working with, if you do not have the means to set up a secure and safe laboratory it is very likely you could kill yourself. it may sound strange but a butane or hexane extraction system would be safer, if the right precautions are taken. if you do decide to go forward with this i recommend you research the method used to extract the caffeine from coffee and the essential oils from lavender. it will give you a good idea of the basic process. there are plans out there for "bench top" systems, but even those start at well over $1000 to assemble and would never provide enough to make it worth your while. dont mean to be a nay sayer, just sharing my experience.

    oilmkr420 Active Member

    yeah you can hit me up for a scfe cheap. im the 1st youtube video showing it done w pot. 420 honey oil extraction co2- youtube.

    oilmkr420 Active Member

    well i hate to tell you your wrong. i found a way to get around the hefty price tags by avoiding it being pumped a liquid. huge 60:1 pumps made it impossable for individuals to extract w co2. my method uses solid carbon ice packed by hand, then pressurized to a liquid or scf. anyone interested should check out my vid, then hit me up.

    Guile Active Member


    wonderfruit Member

    I would love to check out your video!

    philgate Member

    I also am looking for an inexpensive Supercritical Fluid Extraction using CO2. Did you have any luck finding what you wanted? Do you have any suggestions?

    oilmkr420 Active Member

    Look @ my youtube channel, co2xtractr channel and their you will find my newest video, $2.00 co2 extraction, its really closer to $3.00

    oilmkr420 Active Member

    thats a supercritical extraction in the low regions of the pressure/temperature scale, but its not a cosub2 extraction by any means.

    InTheDub9 Member

    Hey can I get a contact number? Interested in your scfe

    oilmkr420 Active Member

    Sorry to have discontinued the channel after I was ratted on then raided. Charged w manufacturing marijuana, D.A. Rejected the case so it was terminated out of paranoia after my release. The best 3 days of jail in my life.

    oilmkr420 Active Member

    Pm me for the digits, I not want to publicly announce it for I not want to be banned.
    Daub Marley

    Daub Marley Active Member

    CO2 is selective which means that changing the pressure and or temperature will make different quality yields. So how would you be able to control these variables enough to produce a better extract than bho with your setup ? There is also a valid danger of making a dry ice bomb, so CO2 should not be attempted by amateurs for the most part.

    doublejj Well-Known Member

    I just ordered a CO2 oil extractor.....:o

    LIBERTYCHICKEN Well-Known Member

    I played with some CO2 recently

    all I had was a tank, a paintball tank fill station , and short piece of SS tube with a cap and screen , besides the tank about 25$ worth of stuff

    It seemed to work well , I have no clue how effecient it was thow ?

    doublejj Well-Known Member

    The one I bought will process 1/2lb at a time, uses 50lb CO2 tank.....

    LIBERTYCHICKEN Well-Known Member

    How much product is lost in a open evaporation type device ??

    I would have to quess at least 5% winds up everywear

    doublejj Well-Known Member

    I'll let you know after I use it a few times....

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