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Super Thrive "world champion"

Discussion in 'Nutrients' started by eskoloks, May 6, 2012.


    eskoloks Active Member

    41CGSBX1TNL.jpg I've been using this "superthrive" on my plant it seems to b working well...does any 1 use this product?

    rocknratm Well-Known Member

    ya, dont overdo it tho. causes all sorts of odd problems.

    budlover13 King Tut

    Use it per directions. A little goes a LONG ways in my experience.

    Deeproot Well-Known Member

    i use a drop a gallon, all the way through

    FilthyFletch Mr I Can Do That For Half

    I tried it back in the days but its a bit of trouble maker if you are not careful.

    budlover13 King Tut

    i use 2-3 drops. 5 got me very odd looking leaves.

    eskoloks Active Member

    i just used it toclone but idk if it going to work

    Izoc666 Well-Known Member

    oh yeah i used this and still have this bottle for several years ! i used only for transplant and clone as well...its pretty works good for me.

    happy growing.

    Vindicated Well-Known Member

    It's snake oil that's better for feeding ants than plants. You don't need it.

    ChemWreck Member

    Plants dont need B vitamins? Please link

    I use superthrive
    Total Head

    Total Head Well-Known Member

    i find that it gives me issues when i use it on plants, but it is a staple in my seed germing solution. i put a couple drops of it in a cup of warm water and soak my paper towel in it. i use a sandwich bag and my cable box to keep the thing warm and moist until i see tails.

    to be fair i have stopped doing comparison runs with/without superthrive because i determined years ago that i get more tails with it than without. not very scientific i guess but i lose very few seeds and it's not much effort to unscrew the cap and put some drops in a cup of water.

    smokinrav Well-Known Member

    This. There is nothing in ST that healthy garden techniques and strategies wont cover. But it did take me 5 or 6 years to figure this out.

    Vindicated Well-Known Member

    Sure, would you be okay with a 2006 USC Science Fair project? A student under Dr. Debra Mauzy-Melitz found that a Daffodil grown in red food coloring grew better than the same plant grown with Superthrive. Here's the link: http://www.usc.edu/CSSF/History/2006/Projects/J1603.pdf
    Rascality Afoot

    Rascality Afoot Well-Known Member

    I use B vitamins when cloning and germinating. It works extremely well for this purpose. I have also found plants respond well to a few odd mL of B vitamin during veg and flowering as opposed to plants that don't get it. B Vitamins benefit your plant, and algae, and fungus. Soil microbes from your store of choice help prevent this in an organic garden. Hydrogen Peroxide will help in a chemical garden. This is why there was fungus and algae on the samples with the B Vitamin. To me, all that study shows is that daffodils don't respond well to B Vitamins. Find a study done with herb and you'll have more accuracy. Oh wait! Nutrient companies already have! There's plenty of usefull things to market to growers, so most established nutrient companies don't stoop to selling "snake oil". Find the ones that work best for you! The only good nutrients are the ones that work well for YOU.

    nuglets New Member

    i agree 100%. there are plenty of studies that show the benefits of B-1 vitamins in plant growth; especially in soil and as a foliar spray. i use 1 drop per gallon in the water that i soak my rockwool cubes in, every other watering in veg, and for all transplants. i use 2 drops for sick plants and following flushes.

    jofey Active Member

    i used S T in my first grow and everything was hunky dorry but with my second i got a lot of f@ck up and weird leaves with the bottom ones bearing the brunt and dying ,curling up and other nasties i always remember that a little goes a long way :clap: and i only make 2 litres of food at a time that way if i fuck it,, it is easier to fix :wall: :hump: :hump::clap::clap::clap:

    homebrewer Well-Known Member

    A guy by the name of James Bonner in the 1930's discovered that thiamin (vitamin B-1) was able to restore growth to pea root tips that had
    languished in tissue culture. By 1942 Bonner was debunking his own discoveries, stating that the effect only ever occurred in very few plants and that since thiamin was found in soil itself, field applications were unlikely to benefit plants. Bonner ultimately fully retracted his claims of efficacy by saying “It is now certain, however, that additions of vitamin B1 to intact growing plants have no significant or useful place in horticultural or agricultural practice”.

    Page 7: http://ceventura.ucdavis.edu/newsletters/Topics_in_Subtropics39882.pdf

    asdfkry Active Member

    i noticed no difference, while using Superthrive for 1 year. that tiny bottle hasnt been touched in over 2 years :P

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