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super thrive plant food good or bad ?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by nick88, Feb 21, 2010.


    nick88 Well-Known Member

    Was at walmart getting some perilte and some jiffy pucks.
    Saw some plant food called super thrive and was wondering if any one had any experience with it or has heard anything about it.

    super2200 Well-Known Member

    Its not food and more of a protein or plant "steroid" it says you can use it all the time sparingly but I would just use it for transplanting and if your plants are stressed a bit

    nick88 Well-Known Member

    Preciate the info. I'm kind of limited as to the foods and nutrients I can get in my area so was trying to find something to boost things up a little
    Don't have time to order online as crop is in 2nd wk of flowering. There are absolutely no shops here that cater to indoor growing.

    delstele Well-Known Member

    Make some teas for your ladies they will thank you with better end product. There are many tutorials here on how to make them with common household items. Good luck!

    Subtlechaos Well-Known Member

    ^Good Answer!^

    It's best to makw you some good organics to help with more vigorous growth, IMO.

    On the same page, I've seen grows by some REALLY GOOD growers, where products such as Super Thrive were used to much success.

    My best advice is for you to go through some grow journals and see what worked for other growers. That's the beauty of this site!

    Good luck!:fire:

    ganjaluvr Well-Known Member

    SuperThrive is no more than an additive. I wouldn't suggest using it solely alone or substituting your current nutrients with it.

    ST is really nothing more than that.. and well its a superb rooting agent. I will say that.. ;)

    People always downplay the use of ST.. which if done properly I can tell you that it does make a difference. It aid's in making a topnotch root
    system for the plant. It's got all the vitamins and hormones that Cannabis LOVES to soak up.. and those hormones and vitamins that the plant loves to soak in.. creates not only more of a dense and big root system.. but a healthier one at that. Which, we all know that the more roots your plant develops.. the more bud.. and we also know that a bigger and denser root system also leads to bigger and of course.. denser yields at harvesting times.

    So IMO, I like using it. I do see a difference when using it..

    Just thought I would share my opinion about SuperThrive and its benefits.

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    cowboylogic Well-Known Member

    All of the above. Its a great vitamin/hormone boost. Great for rooting/seedling/transplanting/growing. But just 1 or 2 drops a gallon when feeding. Up to 10 drops when used as a rooting agent. Alittle goes along ways.

    fruitrollup New Member

    i use it never not used it my shits good it dont hurt anything though ive heard its not for flowering
    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    SuperThrive is good to use while plants are in a vegetative growth phase but I would suggest that you do not use it during flower unless you have all the time in the world to wait for your plants finish. One of the things that makes SuperThrive so popular among flower gardeners is it makes flower last longer. It stretches/draws out the length of flowering, which is great for an ornamental, but that is not what most people want when they grow herb.

    It isn't damaging and if someone does not mind the extra time to finish flowering buds can end up being larger. They just need to be ready for a few additional weeks (depending on amounts used and somewhat on strain grown) to be tacked onto their finishing time.

    SuperThrive is also very good at reducing stress so it is not a bad thing to have around. If your plants suffer accidental damage, shock from various things, etc., Superthrive will help them to come back from it faster and stronger.

    Its just not actual plant 'food.'

    fruitrollup New Member

    ah bricktop with the flower longer thing u might be on to something i wonder if it would be worth that wait???

    bigv1976 Well-Known Member

    Ganja you are worse than me with pushing the products you love. I will tell ya one thing though. No, two things. First of all I started using ST recently and within days I was a believer as my plants got greener overnight and have shown noticable improvement handling the heat of my tent (about 90). Second thing is that Bricktop and Ganjalover are 2 of my absolute favorites on here. Through all the bullshit I read on here it seems that those 2 always have some factual shit to throw in that they actuaaly researched instead of agreeing with the last guy. Thanks you 2. You both have made me a better grower.

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