Super stealth Grow, 12/12 from seed + Scrog

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    Hey dudes and dudets! My 5th grow, second indoor, I have a box with 2 CFL 23w, cool- and warm white for a wide light spectrum, used emergency blankets as reflectors. I'm looking @ a 15g ( 1/2 ounce) of the one plant. I'm going on organic nutes, used soil specially made to grow tomatoes in, the box is about:

    Depth: 11 inch
    Length: 15.4 inch
    Height: 11 inch

    I know its small but that why its called stealth right? I have a ventilation hole because a fan would make it too cold (perfect temp for Marijuana is 28.9˚C). I'm doing a scrog because it increases the yield and I can control the height of the plant. I'm also doing a 12/12 light cycle from seed because I want my yield to harvest in about 9 - 10 weeks. I'm thinking of maby doing a FIM to increase the colas and hopefully increasing the yield. The strain is either one of these: purple chronic, Super Skunk or Chronic. I've placed some water in the box to maintain a 70-80% humidity. It has a light trap ventilation hole.

    Any comments and advise welcome, I always like to learn more :) !

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    try to get one more cfl in there, and are intake and out id just low stress train it. I dont do FIM, Might try it this summer 13

    rastasurfer Member

    My last grow I had 2 plants, both Super skunk, the one I just scrog'd and the other one I FIM'd and scrog'd, the one I did both with gave me 1and 1/2 ounce while the other did only 1 ounce, and I'm putting another CFL in just want it to spout first else it might be little hard on the guy, I'm think of an 120mm PC for air intake, can't make the box to crowded. Struggling to get photos uploaded from my blackberry, my laptop got stolen :(

    rastasurfer Member

    Just looked into the cab! Seeds are bursting open :D! Thinking of going all organic since I'm a surfer! Isn't that the way it is seposed to be? Anyway I'll keep you updated!

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