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Super soil for sale?

Discussion in 'Subcool's Old School Organics' started by Datakeova420, Mar 29, 2011.


    Datakeova420 Active Member

    Hey sUb wuss up....have read great things about your super soil...I was wondering if it would be possible for me to buy some of your super soil already premixed?

    farmerjoe420 Well-Known Member

    you gotta be kidding

    Saerimmner Well-Known Member

    why has he gotta be kidding? could be a very lucrative venture if subcool chose to go for it i should imagine


    I have hit sub up before about using his name to sell it at my store, he said no because he didn't want it to come back on him if I mixed it wrong. I'm pretty sure he isn't going to sell it outright either as I asked him about that also and he didn't reply back.

    subcool Well-Known Member

    I am in negotiations with the three largest soil companies at the same time testing my recipe on each of the companies base soils.
    I expect global distribution of the soil sometimes in 2012.
    This is a long procedure and we have to grow out all the TGA gear in each of the soil mixes we try out.

    The recipe will always remain free of charge :)

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    NightbirdX Well-Known Member

    You sir, are a class act and that is why I will return to you time and time again as a customer. Can't wait til those Plushberrys get here. :)


    I'll be carrying it for sure, that's awesome news.

    Saerimmner Well-Known Member

    The day you release that for sale truly will be the day you can sit back and think" im going to be a millionaire next week" lol

    Unnk Well-Known Member

    ima stick to the recipe the gypsy dealers out here friggen raise up prices to insanity the closest shop to me sells promix for like 60 a bail and doesnt even have roots organic its like being cut in the balls but if i take the time to get out to a farther away shop i can get the same bail for 26 and bags of Roots for like 14 or 15

    SupaM Well-Known Member

    Nice to hear Sub! You deserve to take this soil Global, it works, hands down!
    All the Best!

    Datakeova420 Active Member

    why do I have to be kidding? I don't see the problem with trying to straight up buy it already mixed....I don't want to mess up the recipe so I figure to hit up the creator....Ive realized with alot of threads people jump @ the chance to shut someone down or talk down....instead of tryna B a prick try dropping some useful info....and Saerimmer yeaa Subcool wud make a killing if he were to start selling his soil from his site or from retail....

    Datakeova420 Active Member

    Thanks.....ive read nothing but great things and I wanna go with your soil...but I'm a little new to all of this and I didn't wanna mess something up....NewBie Growers are the Best lol :)

    Datakeova420 Active Member

    hell yea especially ova here in the north.....he wud make a kill

    Datakeova420 Active Member

    also as I stated before I want to get the best results and I've read all good things about Subs Super Soil.....FFOF is wayy too expensive.....but I want great results lol

    OhioMediGrower Active Member

    and as i thought it couldn't get any better and i read this:o! now i bow to the true master of organics! A true inspiration to all growers and organic cannabis plant lovers alikekiss-ass

    greenavenger Active Member

    you are the man SUBCOOL. glad to here you might make some dough off your recipe that is great you deserve it cuz you have made alot of ppl alot of great smoke and money. funnny to see this thread my family is always like you need to bag that super soil and sell it !!!! really that would be the best investment you could make on a grow. only thing is the soil companies will wanna charge 50$ a bag for it. that was my main reason for not trying to market it. that and its cheaper to buy bulk ingredients and diy. mark my word itll b at least 40$ bag. but there are enough newbies out there to make you a billionaire

    greenavenger Active Member

    i meant hydro stores will want to charge big money for soil not soil companies as i was just going to buy a bagging plant and diy. i talked with my store owner and the thing is nutes are where his money is! he cant sell a bag of soil with all those nutes for cheap no way!! he has got to compensate his regular nute income by jacking up the price of super soil. and that is going to b alot. think about how much you normally spend on nutrients? at least a 100$ right? plus another 100$ for soil to put those nutes in. it seams impossible for a store owner to sell this soil for even 50$ bag. just my thoughts i am no marketing wiz like r man sub.
    green bean

    green bean Well-Known Member

    I would be very interested in buying an already prepared bag of Sub's supersoil. As a micro grower who only cultivates enough for personal use, it is not practical for me to mix a kiddie pool of supersoil. A cubic foot or two of supersoil in a bag at a store/nursury would be ideal.

    intensive Well-Known Member

    i mean, half the fun of gardening is having somthing to do in the garden....i loved building the soil because it was hands on and it makes me feel like im really gettin down to the basics.

    i guess i need more plants if i find mixing dirt and poop an exciting adventure in the garden

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