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    Okay first off, I realize the irony in saying I'm challenged when it comes to what is apparently the easiest form of growing. That said, I have some questions I just can't figure out for the life of me.

    After hours of searching and digging through RIU threads and google links alike, I am still unsure of two things.
    1: for the nutrients in super soil, ie: bloodmeal, bonemeal, guano, etc., is there a pre-made pack available with everything already mixed, or even a combo set that comes with all the individual ingredients?
    2: is there anywhere online I can buy TGA base soil or any stores that sell it in the New England area. If not what have you as growers used instead with great results?

    I am new to organic growing and want to do a side-by-side with hydro to see if its a viable option for me, and I want to do the best I can given my inexperience with it. I won't be delving to much into the serious organics side of growing, I just want to try an easy method for now.

    Maybe also worth mentioning, I'm running GHS super lemon haze and if anyone knows the feeding strength in regards to my future setup I would greatly appreciate any info/advice.

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    You know if ya dug long enough you might find a combo pack. But I don't know of 1.

    I do think TGA/subcool has a soil out but I don't know if its avail in NE.

    Really not that hard to make Super soil. If you want TGA follow his mix its all over this board

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    supersoil whatevea over here jerky! You can source locally and make soil everybit as good as "supersoil" lol, if not better! I have a couple soil recipes i can share with ya!

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    LC’s Soiless Mix #1:

    5 parts Canadian Spaghnam Peat or Coir or Pro-Moss
    3 parts perlite
    2 parts wormcastings or mushroom compost or home made compost
    Powdered (NOT PELLETIZED) dolomite lime @ 2 tablespoons per gallon or 1 cup per cubic foot of the soiless mix.
    ...Wal-Mart now sells worm castings.

    Or, if you use Pro Mix, Sunshine Mix or Fox Farm mixes...

    LC's Soiless Mix #2:

    6 parts Pro Mix BX or HP / Sunshine Mix (any flavor from #1 up) / Fox Farm Ocean Forest or Light Warrior
    2 parts perlite
    2 parts earthworm castings
    Powdered (NOT PELLETIZED) dolomite lime @ 2 tablespoons per gallon or 1 cup per cubic foot of the soiless mix.
    If you use a 3 qt. saucepan as “parts” in the amounts given above, it equals about 1 cu. ft. of soiless mix and you can just dump in a cup of powdered dolomite lime.
    But, a "part" can be anything from a tablespoon to a five gallon bucket. Just use the same item for all of the "parts".
    Alexander Supertramp

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    There is a cat on Ebay selling a packet mix.

    ProfessorPotSnob New Member

    Try Ebay , the super deals are found there ..

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    Idk what your gonna do food wise for your garden but if you'd like compost tea recipes and info i can help there also.

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    Why thank you SuperTramp, what pertanent information.
    Alexander Supertramp

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    you can also look into Espoma tones, they are organic and come with alot of the same ammendments that super soil comes with

    this stuff has bone, blood meal kelps and guanno....might be worth a look. its avail at home depot. amd i have seen wal mart carry it as well/
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    I thought this was going to be a duel, or something cool.

    A bit disappointed.

    Travis9226 Active Member they sell the charger pack there. Just add worm castings ans dirt, mix and let stand for 30 days. To answer your other question your best bet is to buy all the ingredients seperate. You'll have some left over, just about enough for two batches. Good luck

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