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Super soil base soil cu ft

Discussion in 'Subcool's Old School Organics' started by sticky icky icky, Jan 7, 2013.

    sticky icky icky

    sticky icky icky Active Member

    Could someone tell me me if subs original recipe for super soil calls for 8 1.5 cu ft bags or 8 3.0 cu ft bags. Out of all the recipes I have found no one specifies this. I was planning on using roots organic 707 and they come in 3 cu ft bags. Thanks.

    nugbuckets Well-Known Member

    8- 1.5's......
    sticky icky icky

    sticky icky icky Active Member

    And do all 8 of these bags go in the mix or do i save some for the top of the pots or do I buy a few extra bags for this purpose.

    Sampras1489 Active Member

    Read the supersoil thread. Mix 8 1.5 cf bags with listed amendments and store in trash cans for 30 days to cook. This is your supersoil. Put this on the bottom half of your pot, and the base soil on the top half, with a small buffer layer of base soil in between.

    grownbykane Active Member

    all 8 bags go into the supersoil soil mix, you need a few more bags of soil to function as the base soil/top layer. if that makes too big a batch for you, just cut everything in half and you will end up with 2 trash cans of super soil.
    sticky icky icky

    sticky icky icky Active Member

    Thanks to all for the replies. I just needed that clarified.

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