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super small nft any thoughts?

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by stocky, Dec 30, 2012.


    stocky Member

    Hi up until today I've never been that interested in hydro/aero, due to size and being to lazy to buy nute's etc.
    However I think I've come up with a small system that should work and that I'm willing to give a go.

    Firstly the reservoir:

    a 5 liter black jerry-can/gas can with the handle/lid cut off
    a small pump which is roughly 15l/h
    and an air pump with stone

    nutrient tray:
    a 9" paint roller tray with spreader mat in.
    small holes along the bottom (paint gully bit)
    lid made of corrugated plastic

    the bottom of the paint tray is the lid to the reservoir and 2 wooden legs hold the paint tray up to make the tilt.

    That's the basic set-up.
    It's for 1 plant which will be sat in rockwool.

    Anyone see any problems with this?
    Thanks for your help in advance.


    superstoner1 Well-Known Member

    A single plant can uptake more than 5l in a single day, that's the first issue.

    Alex281 Well-Known Member

    if hes making a small nft system, do you really think he plans on growing a tree that big? wtf lol...

    Hydro is hydro, as long as your setup does what all the others do it doesn't matter what its size is or how it looks. just don't over grow it

    stocky Member

    Thanks for the replies, my grow room is only 3' x 2' x 2' so my plant doesn't get very big often only vegging to around 12".

    superstoner1 Well-Known Member

    Alex, even a small plant can uptake a lot of water. Take your wtf and lol and apply them to yourself. A small res in hydro is just a shitload more work than a large one, it will have swings in large increments which will show up in the plants. Consistency is key in hydro. Will it work? Sure. Will it cause more work for the op than my 50gal res's? Damn tootin, skippy.

    stocky Member

    Thanks for your input, I've decided to use a 10l reservoir insead of a 5l.

    As for water uptake I can get to it often enough to top up daily and plan on getting a ph meter so I can keep that consistent, is a nutrient meter a necessity or, seeing that my plant will likely drink all it's water at a time, can i simply use the mix instructions on my nute.


    superstoner1 Well-Known Member

    If you don't have the proper tools you will never be sure of anything.

    budman111 Well-Known Member

    Its not a fucking tree he is growing

    cues Well-Known Member

    My single plant in a 2x2 scrog, flood/drain under a 250 uses about 3L a day easy.

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