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Super Silver Haze Grow

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by SSHgrower, Nov 12, 2008.


    SSHgrower Active Member

    So i made a trip to the Vancouver Seed Bank...which i suggest checking out... about 2 months ago. Picked up a 5 pack of Fem. Super Silver Haze seeds and i got two of them about a month into vegging....with two more that just sprouted yesterday. this strain is supposed to be really easy for beginners...and with this being my second grow, i opted for what i consider, one of the best seed strains in existence. anyone have any problems or tips for me for the grow? any advice is appreciated and i'll get some pics up soon, so far so good, and i cant wait to taste these beasts!!

    p.s. anyone looking for great seed suppliers check out the mix packs of fem. seeds that Green House Seeds offer....you cant go wrong!!!

    as of now:

    real basic hydro grow

    Cocogro 8"x8" cube blocks (1 Gallon)
    advanced nutrients sensi 2-part plus B-52
    Panda Film
    400 watt MH/HPS
    grow room in slanted attic with peak about 7 ft high.

    working on ventilation/climate controller....but will worry more when the house skunks up! lol

    they look kinda of stringy with the node spacing farther apart than i had hoped....anyone had super dense growth with SSH or is it the genetics?

    TigerHawk Well-Known Member

    How long/tall you plan on vegging before you hit 12/12? I wanna give this a go someday, just hope they don't get too tall for indoors. Keep us posted!

    jonnyk Well-Known Member

    Are they Sensi Seeds super silver haze???

    SSHgrower Active Member

    one plant is growin like a champ so im goin to let him go about 2-3 feet before i start 12/12...the others are goin to be smaller but thats part of my mistake. im busy with architecture school and i have other priorities beyond my garden...but i still love my kids lol

    and yeah they are feminised seeds (gaurenteed not to be herm.)...if thats what you are asking about the sensi seeds ? ?
    4 of 5 have sprouted but im waitin on the last seeds for a spring grow and the opportunity to try cloning this 3 time CC winning strain!

    i'll get some pics up later...is there any size limit for these photos i upload also? i always see tiny pics from people on here..

    SSHgrower Active Member

    here some pics....anyone know why the leafs are thin and look almost dried up?

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    Master Kush

    Master Kush Well-Known Member

    The leaves are thin because it's a Sativa Dominant. If they are lookin dry check the nutes and water.

    SSHgrower Active Member

    see i think ive got the nutes right.....using the AN schedule they have online...but its hard to measure out small amounts for only a 1/2 gallon or gallon feedings at a time. i know im high above the suggested PH level. our water in this town is just under 8....and they suggest like a 5.8-6 for the nutes? u think that might be the problem? thanx for the advice man....greatly appreciated!!

    threw in the seed pack pics too...i forgot to put em up right away.

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    14pimp Well-Known Member

    yes u need to adjust your ph

    SSHgrower Active Member

    so left the plants under the care of my roommate when i went home for a month and come back to either nute/ph burn plants...out of 5 i thought 3 were gonna die but i brought 2 back after i figures out i think the ph was way off in the medium...perkin back up and bud growth startin up again thank god!! about 1 month into flower this happened....sad i know

    Xfilez Active Member

    I Had Three SSH And One End Up Being A Female This Is My First Grow But So Far So Good, Let Me Give AU A Hint That I Neglected To Study Up On,THey Can Get Super Tall, Minds Is Now Going On Eight Feet, It Was So Close To The Light, I've Had To Move The Light Up Several Time, It Still Grew Like Wildfire So I Tied The Top Of The Plant Down To A Meatl Hook Comming Out Of The Wall. I Have One SSH,One Big Buds And One Northern Lights All Flowering Now For About Three Weeks...Buds Are Looking Great, Except For The SSH...Which Took The Longest Time To Show Buds, But I Can Finally See Buds Developing Now. Just Make To Flower Before Four Feet, Unless You Have A Closet With A Super High Ceiling.


    dabuddha1013 Member

    just wanted to mention that if ur using advanced nutrients theres no need to adjust ur ph. thats not all hype too i can testify that they do indeed put ur ph at 6.5. or close to it. i use to check my ph anyways cuz i was paranoid but anytime i add any advanced nutrients (or hygrozyme) its perfect ph technology. SSH is a fun one to grow.. enjoy man.

    dabuddha1013 Member

    also wanted to mention, the reason u had trash plants was not because of advanced nutrients but because u over nutriented them badly. they got super nute burn and if u were adjusting ur ph then ur ph was off too cuz AN already does that for you. next time, use half of what they say to use on the bottle. better too little then too much. *especially on sensi grow a+b and sensi bloom a+b* on the back of those products it says 4ml per liter, but on their very own website, their actual recommended amount they say to use is 1.7 Ml per liter. BIG DIFFERENCE. so keep it at 2ML per liter or slightly less even like they suggest. Good luck to u bro, im sure u have had more successful grows then this one since. peace .

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