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Super Silver Haze CFL Grow Journal-First Grow

Discussion in 'CFL / Fluorescent Lighting' started by Stockpicker, May 11, 2008.


    Stockpicker Active Member

    :joint:Here's my first grow from a silver haze clone. It sat in my window for the veg and I started flowering once I made my ghetto box. She is two weeks into flowering.

    I am using:

    4 30w (2000 lumens) soft white
    4 14w (600 lumens) soft white
    2 14w (800 lumens) daylight
    So that's 200w and 13,600 lumens

    Lights are plugged into a power strip through plug-to-socket connectors and then y-splitters.

    Box- kitchen cabinet, painted white on the inside. I put a cardboarch box covering the exhaust fan to prevent light from coming in. The fan was just strange, I should have bought a 50cfm computer fan.

    Exhaust is a 50cfm bathroom motor.
    Intake at the bottom, fan at the top of box.

    Soil- MG (i know, i know) moisture control.

    PH- who knows? I don't have a meter

    Nutes- I am adding 1/2 strength Bloom 0-10-10 right now every other watering because I figure MG already has nutes in it and I don't want to overload.

    LST- I have bent her sideways after I cropped the top when she was about 9in tall. It has made all the under branches become tops. There are 5 good tops and 3 more trying to get up. Plus it saves space.

    Comments please!:peace:

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    On3Tim3OnLy Well-Known Member

    you might wanna try to get it to grow up ..
    Little Tommy

    Little Tommy Well-Known Member

    It looks nice and healthy. I think you should bend it completely horizontal so you can get better light distribution.

    shaggy420 Active Member

    Was thinking of doing the same thing.But 12-12 from seed.I am pullin up a chair,and wacthing!!!!!!!!Good Luck.


    sTOKEd Well-Known Member

    you might want to move the pot over towards the left wall a little more because the pot is really close to the passive intake and probably making your exhaust fan have to work a little harder.

    you could also grab some PVC drain pipe (same dia as the intake hole) and direct the airflow more onto the plant. If you don't do that, I'd cover the hole with black pantyhose to minimize any light leak during your darkness periods. just an idea.

    Stockpicker Active Member

    sTOKEd, I like the pantyhose idea and I'll be moving the plant.

    sTOKEd Well-Known Member

    steal a pair of your mum's or your g/f's or sisters...don't buy them - you'll look like a perv walking around the pantyhose isle...

    Stockpicker Active Member

    Starting the 5th week of flower today.

    I found some super cheap lights so I added more. Now it's
    6 30w (2000 lumens) soft white
    2 14w (600 lumens) soft white
    2 14w (800 lumens) daylight
    So that's 230w and 14,800 lumens in a 2ftx1ft growing floor.

    Also I got rid of the hanging light and used one with a reflector so I could aim it at the lower buds.

    And I put some pantyhose over the passive intake to keep light out. I wasn't able to move the pot away from the intake because it is getting a little tight in there.

    The plant has some problems with some of the lower leaves yellowing, getting spotty. Not sure exactly what is wrong but I think some of it happened when I added MG bloom enhancer. I stopped that after one application and moved on to a 0-10-10 bloom nute that I use every other watering at half strength. Just a little gun shy about adding nutes after (i think) burning it.

    Does that look like nute burn, or something else?

    The top of the plant looks nice and healthy though. The buds are getting bigger every day. Upward growth seems to have stopped, or slowed way down.

    I have heard Super silver haze has a 10 week flowering period. Based on the pics does it look like there's 5 weeks left?

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    itsgrowinglikeaweed Well-Known Member

    Wow, thats not too bad. You're on yer way to some nice buds. WTG!
    Some yellowing of the leaves is normal during flowring. As long as she still growing buds she's fine.

    Stockpicker Active Member

    Shit, I just got home to find out that my plant has just gotten about 24 hours of light. Last night i rearranged soome stuff and screwed up the timer, actually somehow i switched it to 'outlet" instead of timer so it stayed on all night.

    Will one mistake like this mess it up?

    Do I:
    -Leave the lights on the rest of the day and get it back to its normal time tonight?
    -Turn it off and give it 12 hours. This option would suck because the box is in my room and would now be flipped on when it's nighttime and off during the day.
    -Turn off the lights and let it sit under normal light until nighttime

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    kushmonster Well-Known Member

    Well If it were me I would turn off the light as soon as I found out, give her 12 hrs of dark and resume 12/12 from there, yeah it sucks that your going to be on a flipped schedule but like i said thats what I would do, she'll probably be in a lil shock. but I think she'll be fine

    kushmonster Well-Known Member

    AWE..... looks a little like my 1 lil girl

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    Stockpicker Active Member

    I let her sit out in the room for a few hours before putting her in the dark. Now she'll be flipped but not horribly. At least I'll already be asleep when it kicks on.

    I hope i didn't scar her for life, especially this far on. Only about 4 weeks to go, don't want to lose it now.


    lexterian Well-Known Member

    You won't.It'l be fine!
    Just make it happen where it wont do that again,lol.

    Stockpicker Active Member

    Here's a couple pics from today. The only difference I noticed this morning (after she had a really long 24 hour daylight on thurs/friday) was that some of the buds' hairs are standing more on end- like she stuck her branch in a light socket.

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    Stockpicker Active Member

    -Cut off some of the fan leaves for better light penetration
    -It's getting tight in the box
    -Starting to smell stronger, I was wondering why it wasn't stinking, so that's a good thing
    -Buds slowly getting bigger and more dense.

    Question- Anyone know if I should expect a lot more growth in the next 20-30 days? If so, in what way?

    Stockpicker Active Member

    here are the pics.

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    smokeh Well-Known Member

    they are really nice. have u harvested them yet? show pics if u have and how much u got.

    i was thinkin myself of buyin super silver seeds and im planning on growing with cfls as well so this thread i really liked. keep up the good work

    slamminsalmon Well-Known Member

    yes im interested to see how your plant is coming!

    Wretched420 Well-Known Member

    how many watts of cfl's you got all together

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